Chapter 15

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Calum POV

I woke up in a hospital bed, feeling like shit. I started remembering the moments of yesterday the scenes of yesterday. When I look Beside me Mali was there asleep. I tried to not to wake her but I failed .

" CALUM" Mali said giving me a big hug." I missed you a lot. Mom and dad are here." I gave her a hug back then I said " and where are they now?" She looked at me and say " oh they went to get food with Helena's parents ."

Helena. Oh god I miss her.

" Mali, where's Helena? Also is Michael okay?" I said remembering that Michael got shot last night.

Mali looked at me and say " well Helena is fine she woke up like 3hrs ago. I think May and Amelia are in here room; and Michael well he is good and bad."

" Can I go see them?" I asked then she nodded. She Helped me get out of bed then she help me get in Helena's room when I got there May,Amelia and Mali gave us some privacy.

" Hey, baby how are you?" I said as I went and get beside her on the bed. She quickly wrapped her arms around me and say " I don't feel well, but now I'm a little better" I nodded then I say "Helena, I'm sorry to bring this up but, did Jackson did anything bad to you? While I was unconscious?" She looked at me and say " no he only kissed me then my neck, and he tried to touch me but I bite him." I nodded then I said " good, I don't need other people touching you." 

Helena looked at me and say " can you sing something?"

" of course babe, what do you want me to sing?" I said she stayed silent for a little while then say " sing the song that you always sing to me"

And that was All about you. When I finished singing I looked at Helena and say " you know... I didn't want you to tell you this in a hospital bed but Helena I love you a lot"

She looked at me and say " I love you too Calum more than you ever think"

Then we shared a kiss. Again, and again.

Helena's   POV

Calum left to see Michael to see how he was. I didn't go because I wanted to discuss with my parents the fact that  they lied to me about Jackson about everything. They never told me Jackson was adopted. I mean why didn't They say anything? It's not like something bad was gonna happen if they didn't told me right? I was interrupted by my thoughts when my mother came in with my dad.

Perfect just perfect.

" hey Helena how are you feeling" my mother said giving me a hug as my dad did the same.

" I'm fine mother, I just need some answers, like why didn't you told me Jackson was adopted?"I said then she looked at me and say " well at first we didn't seem the importance of telling you then when we were gonna tell you Jackson didn't want you to know he mess up with us one day and well things got complicated. we loved him but he just didn't love us not even a bit" my mom said almost crying.
" it's okay mom don't cry" I said she hugged me.

We keep talking about everything then Calum came back with some clothes and say " So I'm gonna stay here to sleep because there's no way your sleeping alone;and your parents can go rest, and Michael it's okay"

Before we were all set to sleep someone called Calum they talked for a little while then when he hanged he told me

" Jackson is going to jail."

That's just a relive that dude can't be near us neither anyone.

" good night Calum, I love you" I said and I got closer to Calum.

" good night for you too, beautiful, I love you more"

And after that we both fell asleep.


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