Chapter 12

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Helena's POV

Jackson was here...he shouldn't be here.....I don't want him here... So I'm freaking out because Jackson graduate last year and as soon and he graduate he left and he left to go to London, which I was happy because Jackson was always bugging me with stuff making me feel like crap. He knew Calum was my best friend since 3 years ago but he didn't like Calum he never did, when we were in 10 grade Calum and I were going out with our friends and Jackson since he's so lovely he punched Calum in the nose three times just because Calum forgot to do something. Jackson always loved attention in school, in the house everywhere. And I just don't like him I don't wanna know his reaction when he finds out I'm dating Calum.

"Jackson? What are you doing here?" I said surprised, Jackson looked at me and say " miss me little sister?" I was about to answer when Calum came to get me " hey babe what's taking you so long?" When he saw jackson his expression changed like a lot.

" well Jackson you Remember Calum right?" I said he looked at me with a evil smirk and say " of course I do, how could I forget this jerk" Jackson made his way to the living room while I stayed with Calum in the hall.

" Calum, your not a jerk okay?, don't let him get into your head, cause you know how manipulative he is, so please Cal don't let him get in that head of yours" I said as I kiss him. Calum nodded then we went with my parents to the living room.

Calum POV

To be honest I'm actually afraid of Helena's brother I don't like him he's just so manipulative and he wants to control you like in everything, I remember one time he went and told everyone a rumor about me and it didn't end up well. So I'm trying to get him off my head but I know and I feel it he's gonna try to mess up my life,and my love life. Which I would kill someone if I loose Helena... Again.

I went to the kitchen to get some water for Helena and while I was getting it, I heard footsteps and when I turned around Jackson was there with a smirk " so I heard you and my sister are dating?" He said looking at me. I looked at him and say " yes we are and I hope you back off because I don't need your permission to date her or Anything so just stay out of my life" I said as I started walking to the living room.

Then Jackson stopped me by taking me by my shoulder and he said " Don't mess with me Hood, you and I both know your not good enough for my sister, we both know she doesn't love you and never will, she's just using you like a toy then as soon as she found her real prince you will just disappear, just like that, you are just a piece of trash" I looked at him and didn't say Anything I went and gave the water to Helena.

" hey, babe I'm leaving" I said as soon as I said that she said " are you okay?, you look a little distracted." I gave her a quick kiss then said " no,love I'm just tired but see you tomorrow I promise." She nodded then I left.... Thinking about what Jackson told me.

I went home...I showered and I couldn't just stop thinking about what he told me " you're just a toy for her" I know Helena told me to not let him control my mine but it's impossible I mean I love her I'm not ready to tell her yet but I do love her, but I'm afraid she doesn't feel the same way.
Then I decide to text to Michael.

Calum: " hey, bro can we hang out tomorrow? I kinda need a day with my best mate"

Michael: " Thomas, it's been so long, and yes we need to talk about lots of things"

Calum:" don't call me Thomas, I don't like people calling me Thomas, but since we're playing this so yes tomorrow I pick you up, Gordon"

Michael: " I hate you Thomas"

Calum: " hate you too Gordon"

After I send the last text I turn off my phone and fell asleep still thinking about what Jackson told me... My thoughts are eating me.

Jackson POV ( lol say hi to Jackson)

So my sister and Calum are nice... I'm gonna break this two people up I seriously don't like Calum with my sister I never did... He's just a bad influence. And my sister is clearly happy with him and I don't want her happy so they better be ready because the Worse is coming.


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