Chapter 2

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Helena's POV

I woke up by the sound of someone singing, the only one that can sing Like that is Calum...gosh I thought I was dreaming. He was here in my room, when I got up he was there getting ready. "Finally you're awake, you know that we're 10minutes late" he said with a smirk" Calum why didn't you wake me omg" I said taking out a random dress and some converse, I finish getting ready then Calum said "common I drive you, let's go". I was surprised he said that , I got in the car and say "so, if you told me you drive me to school, that means you are not embarrassed to been seen with me?"

He looked at me, and I could see fear in his eyes I could feel the embarrassment he was gonna feel.he drive until he stopped at some trees and he said "get out and if you say someone about this you're dead" I look at him and say" I thought I was gonna forgive you but no I hate you so Much Calum hood" I had to walk the school great is like 5 minutes away from school that makes it 20 minutes late .

When I got to school May was there outside she gave me a hug and I started crying "Helena, what happened" I look at her and say "we're late to class please" she look at me and say" you're kidding right?" She took me to the bathroom and locked the door and say " what In the world happened" I whipped the tears and explain everything that happened last nigh and this morning thing.

Then she said "I'm so gonna kill this dude who does that! He's dead to me Helena" this woman I even get scared of her sometimes. " woman calm down" she look at me and started laughing " YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN THAT JERK IS BEING MEAN TO MY BEST FRIEND? Heck no, don't expect me to calm down" she said almost yelling.

"May, stop I get you a date with lip ring boy" I said, gosh only way to calm her down. Cause she keeps planing how she's gonna kill Calum.

"Um, yes but I'm still gonna talk with the dude" she said now all peaceful and calm . Seriously she scares me sometimes.

"Helena, do you still like him" she asked out of nowhere.oh ok i don't know do I like him? " i don't know May I really don't know" we started walking to music and the teacher already started the class. And great Calum was there *note of sarcasm* the teacher gave a speech of people being late. I don't even care about this to be honest he spend all the class talking nonsense.

Finally the bell rang. The day went really fast thank God. By now it was time to go home I went and pick some books and notebooks, then leave. I was walking until someone took my hand and push me into the wall. "Wha...what Calum what In the world"I said scared. "Helena let me talk to you" I look at him at start laughing " In your dreams hood" then I managed to get away I started running to my house. But in a matter of time Calum had pick me up" I'm so driving you" I was annoyed I didn't say anything. He walked to his car but my stuff there and say "what happened to us? " is he really  asking that..

"Oh nothing happened, were good were fine" I say sarcastic. " oh common Helena" he said annoyed he hated sarcastic people " Calum please" I said angry.

He looked at me " I really don't know what happened, I only remember that i went to Ambers party" he said " of course Calum you got drunk" I said annoyed .

"Helena I'm sorry about this morning" he said
I look at him now more angry Remembering all that happened" Calum Thomas hood stop apologizing Gosh is not working okay! Show me that you actually care show me that you're actually sorry, goodbye Calum, thanks for driving me" I said as I quickly got out of the car.

I quickly went to my room. Is incredible just how fast things can change.

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