Chapter 10

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Helena's POV

This week passed really fast, it was finally Friday and well I'm very exited because my date with Calum, I feel like this isn't like the other date, this time feels better and I know this time will go better I'm really confident this time, this week I talked with Mali, Amelia and May about my past with Calum and they did a mini reflection about everything that has happened and well it helped but the one that I've been talking a lot is with Mali she's been saying things that Calum said about me that I never thought he would say.

Right now I'm getting ready for my date and well I'm with Mali, Amelia and May; they all got me something Mali got me a pretty dress, Amelia is gonna do my hair and May is gonna do my makeup which I don't like much but I wanna look good so let's see how I turn out.

" Helena I'm gonna say it this one more time, I'm trying to do a nice braid on your pretty hair if you don't stop moving your hair I swear your gonna go with a freaking mess and I won't care" Amelia said for the one hundred time, " well I'm sorry okay, I'm nervous" I said looking myself In the mirror, " well Helena, on our first date we're all nervous so shut up and let us finish" Mali said, all of them keep doing this and the finally " okay girls we did a good Job" Mali said giving me a hug.

Calum POV

Today's my date with Helena I'm hella nervous cause I talked with May all this week and she told me how much Helena wanted to be with me all this time but she was just scared, scared of falling in love with again, and afraid that I break her heart again, I promised her that I would never break her heart again.

It's been like 4 weeks after our date and well I really hope she Thought about us. Also my sister told me she's being hanging out with Helena and she seem really excited about our date today. I'm not taking her to a fancy restaurant cause I know she Doesn't like that much. I'm gonna take her to the amusement park then eat, and maybe if we have time take her to a movie. It was 5:15pm and I told her I would pick her up at 5:30 so here we go.

I got in my car and head over her house, when I got there her dad opened the door " oh Calum are you here to cook me dinner?" He said laughing I looked at him and say " I would love to Sir, but I'm here to pick up your daughter for a date" I said as he patted my shoulder " I know you're here for that dummy, and how many times do I have to tell you to call me Erick, now my boy treat my daughter well and we are all fine here" her dad say as I quickly nod.

Then Helena came downstairs as she stares at me with a smile she looked beautiful she was wearing a black dress but it was like a sport dress and some red converse, I could see she was wearing a little I'd makeup but she looked beautiful either way." Ready to go, beautiful?" I say as she blushed and nod, her dad gave me a high five then got in the house as we got in the car.

"So, Calum where are we going?" She said smiling, I looked at her them say " well darling, I'm gonna take you to the amusement park then eat and if we have time we go and watch a movie" Helena nodded then say "this is really random Cal, but what are you gonna study or you know do for living" I looked at her at say " yea about know that I'm in a band right? Well yesterday we received a call from one direction and they want us to go with them on tour... Please Helena don't let this change anything" she looked at me surprised and happy but you could see she was sad at the same time..." And when are you going away?" She said looking away from me "um we are now in September so I be gone in 6 months" I say as I saw a tear left her eye.

I parked the car cause we were already in the amusement park so when I parked I looked at her cup her cheeks and say " baby, don't cry, we still have 6 moths together and we will enjoy them together the most" she smiled and I whip her tears away " so let's go have fun" I say we left the car.

When we were in the park we went to the roller coaster then I got some candy for use then Helena was looking a big bear so I whispered in her ear " Cmon, I get it for you" we went running to were the big bear was, after 6 times I finally win her the bear. " cal, come here let's take a picture" I went beside her and took like 10 pictures. 

When we were walking to the car an old lady passed through us and she needed help with some stuff so Helena and I helped her then she said " thank you both, you two made a lovely couple" Helena blushed and I told her "thanks" even though Helena and weren't a couple....yet.

Helena and I stopped at KFC to buy some food but we went and eat it at the park, when we stopped eating I asked Helena " so what are you gonna do for living?" She chuckled and say " well I plan being a photographer or writer or maybe both who knows" I smiled cause I know how much she loved both things.

I took Helena's hands and say " look Helena, I know things are a little bit messy and weird and I did somethings in the past to you that I regret so much and I wish I could go back and make it all better you know? But let's leave it in the past let's not worry about the past neither the future let's live day by day moment by moment so Helena would you be my girlfriend?"

She looked at me and kiss me like there was no tomorrow, I kiss her back then when we pulled apart I say " it's that a yes?"

"That's definitely a yes Hood, and see I told you there was gonna be an us someday"

I smiled as I said " thank your for giving me this chance" then I kiss her.



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