Chapter 29

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Helena's POV

I told calum I would meet him in Starbucks, then we can talk there, and see how things are. Tyler doesn't know I'm gonna go to see him. I kinda told Tyler he was my best friend and that I haven't see him in a long time, he got mad at first and was saying Calum was an idiot and I told him he's not.

Then suddenly he was like "why are you getting so overprotective on him"

I didn't answer him, but is not like he can control my life, if I wanna see calum  I go see him.

When I got to Starbucks I saw him sitting there drinking some coffee.

He looks so hot.

Helena shut up please you have a boyfriend.

When I got to the table he gave me a hug. I hugged him back of course then he scratched the back of his neck,I could tell he was nervous.

" so...Helena how are you?" he asked looking at me.

"I've been good, college life is treating me well." I said taking a sip of a coffee that Calum  had ordered me.

"Well I've been pretty good too... We have more and more fans everyday, that I absolutely love them, more that I love my life, they are the best people" he said looking at his hands. "Helena...I gotta tell you something..."

He has a worried face... "Huh..okay...go on" I said looking at him, he took a deep breath..."So bab- I mean Helena, sorry" I giggled, and smiled, " so you know your boyfriend... Well yesterday when you went to pay you know, he kinda got a call, and I think he was cheating on you, because he called her babe then he was saying something that you were annoying and that he wants to pull the bet off." He finished saying, looking away.

"What..?NO! Calum gosh, your only jealous, Tyler is not like that...he loves me" I said then Calum started laughing."And you love him?"

I stayed quiet....then I looked at him "yes Calum I do love him" I lied...Calum took my hand and he was gonna talk when...we heard people,yelling, the sound of people taking photos.

"Shit" Calum said "Helena go because they are gonna start rumors, but please Helena trust me .... He's cheating on you... And he's with you cause a bet..."

I laughed at him then I said"you're just making that up, for me to leave him and come running to you"

"No Helena I just want to protect you"

I left the place then I went to walk a little to clear my head,I got stopped by lots of people asking me about Calum, about everything.

After I walked cleared my head, I went to my apartment to at least have a chill night...oh that's what I thought.
When I opened the apartment door I heard Tyler talking I decided to not interrupt him. I guess he didn't heard me come in, but then I started hearing.

Something coming from my room" can't you just understand, Helena isn't here yet, Lucy I can't do anything, can't you just wait, i know it's a bet and yea but let's wait" then another voice appeared I think that's Lucy.

"But babe just tell her you don't love her anymore and that you don't wanna be with her make an excuse"

Wow wow wow.

I decided to enter the room."Helena,babe"

I slapped him "SOO this was all a bet huh?" He quickly said something like "no babe" I slapped him then I said "whose her?" I said pointing at him "oh I'm Lucy his girlfriend the one he loves" I looked at him then at her the HE said "did you really think I loved you? Please look at you, you're ugly, annoying, I was just with you cause a bet"

"I want both of you out of my apartment!" They laughed then Lucy said "oh don't worry we were just leaving"

They left and I broke down crying, why I'm so stupid....why I didn't believe Calum.... Why....they did a bet on me ...why me ...why...

I did the one thing I didn't wanted .....I called Calum.

"Cal...I-I n-eed you" I said crying, he quickly answered "babe, baby, where are you?"

"Tell Amelia to get you here or May" I said

Then he quickly said "okay I be there wait"

I hanged up then I was still on the floor sobbing and thinking. Then I heard a knock on the door, I got up then I opened it, then Calum was there, I quickly got in his arms crying.

He closed the door then we went to the couch, then he asked " what happened?"

I looked at him then I said " everything you told me ....I'm sorry Calum....I'm sorry I didn't believe you"

He whipped my tears then he said "is okay Helena is okay" he took me then he carried me to my bedroom.

Then he said "Helena...go to sleep" I nodded  but then i said "don't leave me please not now" 

Calum said something but I didn't hear all I know is that he took me in his strong arms and before I fell asleep I heard him said

"I still love you baby, so much"


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