Chapter 21

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Calum POV

I'm leaving today... It feels amazing knowing that I'm gonna make my dream come true, and I'm gonna go and see everything the world, I'm so Happy, but at the same time I'm sad, mad, mixed feelings. Sad, because I'm leaving my beautiful family, and my dear girlfriend which I'm gonna miss a lot; and mad because I'm not gonna be here if Helena needs me, if she gets sad or something happens I'm not gonna be here, but I'm Gonna do as she told me to go and follow my dream.

Right now I'm finishing packing, I'm leaving at night so I probably go to see Helena then we go to the airport. I spend the whole day yesterday with my family my mom started crying even though I wasn't leaving yesterday, Mali was a little sad, but they were all happy that I was gonna follow my dream. When I finished packing I went put everything in the car, then went to Helena's house.

When I got there Helena's dad gave me a hug and started faking crying" oh god Calum you're leaving" I laughed then I hugged him back " don't worry sir, I be back soon" he smiled then he went to the living room as I went to Helena's room.

She was writing something, I went and sit next to her. She smiled and put the notebook away. We stayed like that for awhile without talking, without doing anything just playing with our hands, then I started humming "kiss me" by Ed Sheeran, but I ended up singing.

Suddenly Helena started crying I quickly stopped singing then I pulled her Close to me then I said " what's wrong?" I said stroking her hair. She laughed and I said " tell me baby, what's wrong"

Helena looked at me then she said " is that you're leaving and I'm gonna miss you, and I'm gonna be all alone, and Calum , I'm just gonna miss you like you have no idea" I took her cheeks then I kissed her, a kiss to remember. When I pulled her away, I took a ring out of my jeans. Her eyes widen open. I took her hand and pull the ring.

" Helena, my love, this is a promising ring, a ring that means so many things, with this I promise you that I'm gonna love you forever and I know a ring doesn't describe and can't explain my love for you, but I want you to wear it from now and on, this also means that one day I will marry you, I promise you" she smiled then she kissed me" thank you Calum, I promise I will never take it off, and I love you more than you think" I kissed her then I looked at the time and it was time to go.

I took Helena's hand, said bye to her parents, and head to the airport, when I got there May was saying bye to the boys, Amelia too,everyone was saying bye. I went to my parents, and other family that came to say bye.

And last Helena.

I went and I picked her up and kissed her then whisper sweet things In her ear. She laughed, and I kiss her one more time. " I love you" I said she kissed me again"I love you too Cal."

Helena's POV

And he was gone. I was sad but at the same time I was happy that he was gonna do something that he love, something that made him happy. I just hope everything goes good.

For me and for him.


Hiii guys!

So I have good news and bad news this book only have left like 18 chapters. BUT I DECIDED TO MAKE A SEQUEL  and well I have it all planed and Omg I'm so happy!!

So what do you think is gonna happen now that cal is gone?

Anyways bye❤️

Anyways bye❤️

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