Chapter 19

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Months passed really quickly, Helena and Calum were really happy together. Amelia and Ashton were happy, Luke and May and even Michael got some happiness, but it most come to an end right? It was already March and the boys were leaving In a week.

Mays POV

Luke and I are currently watching a movie. He's leaving in a week, I mean I'm not gonna see him for like 8 months or maybe more, what if something happens there, you never know what might happen you never know...

"Hey,love what are you thinking" Luke said staring at me. I looked at him them say" oh nothing, it's just you're leaving in a week and this is hard okay, what if something happens? Something bad?" He cupped my cheeks then he told me "May, you don't have to worry about anything you know why?" I just keep staring at him, he kissed me then he said " it's because I love you" my eyes opened really big then I said" you love me?" He smiled then he said "yea, so you don't have to worry because nothing will happen." I smiled then I said " let's enjoy our last days together"

(Ok guys the POV are gonna change really random ok?)


Amelia's POV

Ashton and I been talking a lot but we end up fighting, he's been really moody this days, and the thing is that he's leaving in like a week...I'm currently making food for me, and a little bit for Ashton but let's see if he comes.

I was sitting in the couch when he came " Amelia where you?" He said "living room" I said as I keep eating and watching a movie.

He came in the living room with his plate of food he took a sit next to me. We ate in silence no talking, no nothing.

"Ashton, you know you can talk to me right?about anything..." I said trying to make a conversation" also you're leaving in a week and what? I'm all alone.. We fight a lot... We weren't like this Ashton we weren't like this.." I said looking at him.

"" He said moving closer to me, he kissed me then he keep looking at me I wasn't gonna cry, but this is just something bad is gonna happen I can tell.

"Amelia, I'm leaving in a week...I can't do long distance relationship I really can't, I love you and you know it" he said looking at me.

" oh so you're breaking up with  me?, because of that? Are you for real Ashton? Throwing away two years of relationship wow Ashton bravo, you seriously had to, you're just amazing you know..." I said looking at him and I couldn't just hold the tears anymore.

"Baby...babe...don't cry" he said touching my cheeks then he kissed me. I pulled away then he said "Amelia, please let's talk" I started laughing then I said " you made this yourself, I was trying Irwin, I was trying to save our relationship, but you just don't want to be with me clearly, now you can stay here on the couch and yea don't even talk Ashton"

I went to my room and lay on my bed a few tears leaving my cheeks. He just had to do that.... That's seriously ... God .. I cant even fall asleep.

Suddenly I felt some arms around me. I knew it was Ashton." Amelia, I love you, I'm sorry for everything, I do wanna be with you.. I'm just scared" I turned so I was facing him, I kiss him then I said" let's just sleep Ashton, just sleep don't talk"


Amelia and Ashton...

Okay,so yea I did this chapter so you know where the other couples are left before they go away. Next chapter we go back to normal but you know maybe things are gonna be ok, maybe not.

So don't forget to vote and comment ❤️byee

So don't forget to vote and comment ❤️byee

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