Chapter 30

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Calum POV

I woke up beside Helena, she looked so peaceful and lovely I missed this, like you have no idea, and of course I missed her.I'm gonna invite her today to our concert, I want her to see us, and our fans, and I hope she says yes, cause I really want her to go.

I got up, and went to the kitchen and start making breakfast.

"So you still cook?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to find Helena in my shirt. "Well of course I do" I said looking at her she smiled as she sit down on the table,"hey, Helena why are you wearing my shirt?" She started blushing then she said "well I um...showered and well yea you know.."

I smiled, as I took her plate of food and placed in front of her. She quick started eating" and you still have the amazing skills of cooking" I laughed at her as she ate.

Then we heard a knocking I went to open the door but the person opened the door...



He looked at me then at Helena " what in the world he's doing here shirtless and you In his shirt" he said pointing at Helena.

I looked at him and I said " um the real here question is what are you doing here?" He looked at me and started laughing.

"I live here, and she's my girlfriend" Helena looked at him then she said "I'm sorry what? I'm not your girlfriend, you made it pretty clear yesterday"

He went over Helena and was gonna slap her but I took his hand and I said " don't you ever hit her, I mean don't you ever hit a woman, that's just so disrespectful"

Tyler didn't said anything " I want you to leave this place now" Tyler was gonna say something but I looked at him and he quickly left the apartment.

" who in the world does he thinks he is..did his mother didn't teach him that he can never hit a woman" I said then Helena looked at me "cal, is okay, he didn't hit me" she said touching my cheek.

Then she looked at my body "you got tattoos?" I smiled at her, "yea" she started touching them "they are beautiful" I smiled at her then I said "hey, Helena, I was wondering if you wanted to come to our concert tonight"

She smiled then she said " of course!!! I wanna see you play and the boys too" I laughed at her then I said well let's go.

Helena took some clothes then she put on some pants because we were gonna get ready in my apartment so.

"Hey, baby I kinda need my shirt" I said, then I realized what I just said I mentally slapped myself.

"Oh right." She said, but she went to her room and came with another shirt...

Wait that's mine....

"Helena, did you keep that shirt?" She blushed then she said " well, you know I-" I smiled at her.

Then I took her backpack then I went to the car, it only took us like 20min to get there, but when we got to the house, I opened the door to find...

Luke and May...kissing and maybe ha ha.

" oh my god! Guysss!!!!!!!" Helena said looking away " HOLY, HELANA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" May said giving a hug to Helena.

"Wait...GUYS CALENA IS BACK!" She screamed as Amelia and the rest of the boys came downstairs screaming and congratulating us.

"What the heck is Calena?" I asked, Helena looked clueless as me. May laughed then she said "that's your ship name guys!"

Helena started blushing then she said "im sorry darling, but we're not together..." May looked at me then at Helena" you have to be kidding me"

I laughed at her " hey May go and start getting ready with Helena and Amelia, cause you know the concert" I said she rolled her eyes but nodded.

I went to get ready with the boys, we left a note to the girls then we were gone .

*hours later*

The concert started the girls were screaming, then it was my time to talk" well hello beautiful people! How are you all today?"

They all started screaming, yelling

"So this next song is called, beside you... And I wrote it for someone Really special" The crown went crazy.

Then we started playing beside you. While I was singing I looked at Helena.

When the concert was over went backstage then Helena, May and Amelia where there

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When the concert was over went backstage then Helena, May and Amelia where there.

Helena went over to me then she said " so beside you, was wrote for me?" I smiled then I said "I guess you found out"

Something really weird happened that we both started kissing forgetting they were people around us.

Then I heard someone said which was May " CALENA IS KISSING I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN"


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