Chapter 28

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Calum POV


Someone screamed from downstairs, probably Michael.  I'm kinda getting ready to go out to eat with Ashton since I haven't go out in like a week. Plus Ashton wanted to go out cause he was gonna buy Amelia's birthday present so, I go with him.

But anyways if you're wondering Ive been  good, sometimes I get all sad cause I get the thought of Helena in my head again. I just Want to be with her again. I hope I can see her someday again, and maybe talk to her and see how is she. Every time I ask may or Amelia how is she they tell me she's perfectly fine, then the other day I heard May talking with her and telling Helena was saying something of having a boyfriend called Tyler and

As soon as I heard that I got a little mad, but I can't do anything, all I gotta say is that he's a pretty lucky guy. I hope he's treating her like a queen.

"Calum are you ready?" Ashton said, then I got out of the room" yes let's go mate"Ashton smiled then he went to kiss Amelia then we left.

I'm a little nervous cause I forgot to mention that we're kinda back in Boston and here's where Helena lives and you know...

"Mate,mate, CALUM" Ashton yelled I quickly looked at him "what? Sorry what were you saying" I said looking at him" oh that first I'm going to see if I find something nice to Amelia, I really what her to like her gift" he said, "don't worry mate, I'm sure whatever you get her, she's gonna like it" he smiled.

When we got to the mall the first thing we did was eat, because I was hella starving. " okay Ashton first where?" I said looking at him." Ok, so first were going to forever 21, cause I want to buy her a dress, that's the first thing of the gift" I nodded.

Two dudes searching dresses on forever 21 wow. How amazing.

When we got to the store, Ashton was walking around the whole store, looking for a dress, he was asking so many woman's. Jesus.

"CALUM, come here" Ashton called, I started walking towards him, then I accidentally bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry, omg I'm so sorry, darling, I wasn't looking" I said helping the girl of the floor then when I look who it was...


I froze there I didn't know what to say what to do.

"Huh, hey Calum" she said looking at me. I looked at her "eh, I'm sorry for bumping into you" I said really awkward. Helena kinda nodded.

"Hey, babe lets go" a guy said taking Helena's hand. "Oh, Helena whose this?" The guy asked her, she looked at me then she said "oh no one..." Ouch. The dude looked at me one more time then he said " aren't you the dude from that band Called five Es oh Es"

I laughed at him then I said "yes, also is 5sos not five Es oh es" he rolled he's eyes then Helena told him "babe I gotta pay Wait here"

He nodded then as soon as she left
I took out my phone and start pretending I was doing something.

Then Tyler got a call and I heard him saying something like " she's really annoying, we're now in forever 21 she's so annoying gosh, can we just pull the bet off cause this is so ugh"

Then he answered something like " I love you too baby, bye I try to do something"

What. The.

After he hang the call I quickly went to Ashton " dude,mate,Helena is here I just saw her with her boyfriend, which is a liar,because he's doing a bet and he's cheating on her, it's a bet and cheating! ASHTON"

Ashton looked at me like I'm a freak then he said "dude you're seeing ghost she's not here" I looked at Ashton annoyed then I said "turn around mate" he did as I say then he's so special that he said "HELEENAAA"

She turned around then she smiled at him then give him a hug "Ashton! How are you?"

He smiled then he said " I'm good Helena I'm pretty good"

She smiled then he said "bye guys I gotta go"

I took her hand then I told her "can we like meet tomorrow? Please?"

"Calum I-"

"Please Helena as friends please"

She smiled then she said "okay I text you when and where deal?"


Tyler came to get her and I looked at him then he smirked at me. This bastard.

"CALUM I FOUND THE DRESS" Ashton screamed, and lots of womans looked at him then I started laughing.

This dude needs help.

I can't wait till tomorrow, I need to warn Helena. That jerk won't get away with that one.

Lol Ashton and the dresses.


And sadly this book only have like 5 chapters left 😓

SOO guys what do you think about this book having a sequel?

Anyways byee❤️

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