Chapter 14

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Helena's POV

I woke up in a dark room, I don't know what's happening. I'm really scared. I don't know where Calum is ... I'm in a chair... In a room alone there's no one...I think. There's some chains around my hands and legs and they really hurt.

"Well,well,well, what do we have here"
Said a voice, I couldn't see who it was but the voice was pretty familiar.

"Who are you?" I asked I could feel the person getting closer to were I was then the person said something like " you know who I am you know pretty well who I am."

I Quickly look were the voice was coming then I said "Jackson?" The person laughed Then said "ding ding ding,good job Helena you know who I am"

I started getting more scared then I asked him " why you have me here? Why me what did I do to you? Where's Calum?" I was trying to find away out of the chair but I couldn't.

" First your stupid boyfriend is okay,for now. But it's time for a story so get comfy cause this story will be A little long." Jackson said sitting In front of me.

" So let's start with this, I'm not your brother... Apparently I am but the thing is that I'm adopted. That's why we have different last name. But since you don't care well as I don't care about yours then. When your parents Adopt me I was one year old and well  they adopt me cause they thought your mom couldn't have you;but one year later she had you and well you were getting so much attention you always had more attention. And I hate that. Years passed and I hated you everyday more and more. When you became best friends with Calum I wanted to kill him cause he's just an idiot. But oh well but since I'm not your brother I can so this" then he started kissing me and I tried to pull him off me but I couldn't when he was about to kiss my neck I manage to bite him. He started cursing then he said

" I'm not over with you"

Then I started crying and crying, Where are you Calum just were are you.

Calum POV

I woke up in a dark room not able to see anything. I was I'm a chair and well couldn't move I has something on my mouth I think is tape, as soon as I heard the talking I knew it was Helena I heard everything.... As soon as he finished I was so pissed at him.

"Calum lovely to see your awake" Jackson said as he took of the tape of my mouth.  Then he said " People turn on the lights" when the people did what he told I saw Helena In front of me.

As soon as she saw me she smiled then Jackson went ask started touching her " DONT YOU DARE LEAVE HER ALONE, KILL KE , TORTURE ME, WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT DONT TOUCH HER I BEG YOU" I said quickly afraid.

Some dude came and told Jackson something and I manage to get out of the chains. I went to Helena and quickly help her get out of the chains

"Hey baby,calm down its me, we're gonna get out of here I promise" I said as I kiss her.

Then Jackson came out with a gun.

" oh so you wanna play? Let's see" Jackson pulled the trigger. Then I asked him " why are you doing this?" He looked at me and say " I'm adopted because my real family didn't want me. As soon as Helena was born her family didn't want me either so I really don't care anymore this is who I am."

Helena couldn't move she as loosing to much blood cause looks like he stab her or something. " Stay stong baby you can't die okay"I said to Helena.  Jackson needs help.

When I looked around I saw Michael, Ashton and Luke they made me a signal like there was a door . I start walking but then Jackson pointed at me "move and you're dead, and your friends too cause they think I dumb"

Jackson turned around because we started hearing like police sirens and all That. I started running with Helena in my arms then Jackson pointed at me and I heard when 5 voices yelled " MICHAEL"

When I looked at the floor Michael was loosing so much blood from the arm. I put Helena beside Michael as Ashton and Luke came running " Michael please don't go hold on, there's people coming for us"

Then as soon as I said that the room were we were filled with lots of cops. There was to much blood everywhere all I know is that I passed out knowing that we might be okay.


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