Chapter 1

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Helena's POV

It's a  typical Monday.A school one ugh! I don't even know why we have to go to school.Anyways my life is boring, I'm not that interesting person. My mom is a math teacher and my dad is a music teacher so that means they are home almost all the time.

If you were wondering my name is Helena Rose. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like so many things; between going out or staying home I would choose staying home. I'm kinda a nerd but whatever this is my last year of school and I can't be more happy. So if you thought my life was great you maybe are gonna change your mind. 4 years ago I meet Calum hood, we became friends instantly, we were inseparable like we would do everything together, I even thought we were gonna be in a relationship but I was so wrong, last year something happened and since that moment we don't talk to each other.

I'm on my way to school. As I was saying thank God this is my last year of school. So I can get out of there live in another place and be a professional writer and photographers; since I was little i always had a passion for both things. I was driving to my best friend house her name is May , when she got into the car I quickly drive to school cause we we're gonna be late. When we got there, Calum and his boys were there is weird how we all were friends.

Then May  start saying "look at him Helena omg there's Luke omg his so cute UGHHH and that lip ring" she continued talking. She had that weird crush on Luke man it doesn't go away.

"May.. It's okay is just a crush, woman calm down" I said laughing because she's crazy about him. I need to find a way to get him to talk to her cause gosh. Believe it or not I still friends with Luke he's like my brother cause some family thing and when we were younger and free, he was with me like almost all the time.

The bell rang so we had to go to classes, my first class was history, ugh I hate that class and even more that Calum was in it.

When I got there, I start listening to the teacher and blah blah... Then Calum enter the classroom with Ashton,Luke and Michael, and the teacher send them for a detention. Wow deep...

The day went fast, so I drop May in her home and I went to mine . I study for math gosh that class is gonna kill me. I was still studying when I heard my window, I look at it but there was nothing, I heard the noise again I got scared then I look again and there was the last person I expected...Calum

He was there with a black eye, he looked in pain then he spoke "help me please". I quickly stand up and take him to my bathroom and ask him "who did this?"he look at me and say "some dudes from our school" I stare at him and say "yeah Calum but there most be a reason" then he took my hands and say "look Helena, there were some dudes talking about you,about somethings I don't know but like it was I beat them but one of them punch me in the eye and you know what happened next"

I stare at him with a surprised face cause who would thought he would do that for me. "Wow Calum I thought you didn't care for me" I say looking at him "Helena for the love of God you know I care for you okay? And I'm sorry " He said while looking at me.

I took Calum's hand and take him to my bed then say "Calum I can't  just forgive you that easily, what you did, it still hurt me, I mean you know what you did , but if you want my forgiveness start working on it change things show me that I can trust you and forgive you again?"I say, he nod then say "can I stay?" I look at him and shake my head "Cal, you can't" I say

He was about to leave when I took his hand and say "you can stay, you Idiot" he gave me a hug and whisper "thank you, and you called me cal I haven't heard that from you in a long time"

I smile knowing that I might get my best friend back.



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