Chapter 8

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Calum POV

I don't know what to do anymore, Helena basically friend zoned me. I feel crashed but I just don't know what to do anymore, I make the mistake at Ambers party I know I know ... But can she just forget about that.. Like it happened one year ago... But I guess she still thinks I'm gonna hurt her; But the thing is that I would never hurt her again, I need an advise for someone, it can't be the boys.... I'm just going to the one and only


I went to her bedroom and open the door " MALIII I need your help" I say almost yelling " Jesus Christ, Calum haven't you heard about knocking" she said annoyed, typical Mali. " I need an advise" I said, she looked at me serious " oh, my baby brother asking for an advise, woah I didn't see that  coming; but baby bro what could I possibly do to help you."she finished saying

I looked at her and say " there's this girl Helena, you remember her right?" She nodded  " well I did something to her one year ago that broke her, I was so stupid that I took her to this party and then I leaved her and I guess I got drunk and I kissed another girl and she saw it ... And the thing is that she was gonna tell me that she loved me, but then we'll you know what happened, so about 2 weeks ago we talked and decided to be friends, I got carried away and kiss her, she kissed me back; then I took her on a date and when I asked her to be my girlfriend, Someone called her and told her her best friend was in the hospital, everything happened and blah then she told me that we better stay as friends for now and that she needed space, I don't get her Mali cause you know first she kissed me and told me everything was alright but then she tells me she needs to think...I don't get it Mali I just don't... Help your poor little bro here."

She looked at me processing everything I just told her as she said "well Calum maybe she needs space you know... Woman's are like that sometimes we just need to re-think what we do, or what we're about to do because we never know what could happen; don't get me wrong Cal, I'm not saying you two dating is a bad thing but maybe give her a little to think; woman's are confusing and bipolar trust me Cal... But if you love her Calum you will wait, as long as it takes."

I gave her a hug then say "thank you Mali, so I need to clear my head a Little, lets go out to eat." she nodded and quickly went to get dressed, as I did the same.

"So Cal were are we going?" Mali asked, I looked at her and say " um lets go to McDonalds" she nodded. When we got there for our luck, Helena was there sitting alone, when Mali saw her she quickly went and gave her a hug, you could hear Mali saying " look how beautiful you are, it's been so long since I saw you." I rolled my eyes cause literally Mali saw her like one year and a half ago.

I ordered the food, then went to sit with Mali and Helena, " hey, Helena" I say as I sit With them " hey,cal how are you?" She said smiling "I'm good." I say, then Mali started talking about how was school, about music, collage and other stuff. Then Helena had to go, she kissed my cheek gave a hug to Mali as they talked about how they need to go to the mall and other stuff that I don't care about. Woman Stuff.

As soon as Helena left Mali said " dude, you're so in love with her, I can see it in your eyes, and the way you look at her" I rolled my eyes then say " shut up Mali, I'm not" she laughed then say " haha keep lying to yourself honey"sometimes I hate my sister.

When we got home it was already late so Mali went to sleep and as I took a shower then I went to lay down in my bed and as soon as I did that I heard my phone ringing I answered without looking who was

"Hey, Cal." As soon as I heard that voice I knew who it was.
"Hey Helena, are you okay" I say a little worried.
" yeah, I just can't sleep and you know" she said, I could feel her smiling .
" do you want me to come over?" I said without thinking.
" um yeah if you can" she said I quickly got out of bed, "yeah sure I be there in 10."

I went and made a backpack because we have class tomorrow so I went put some clothes and head to her house. My parents are on some vacations so they won't mind, plus they know Helena's family and they won't say anything. Oh and I left a note to Mali just incase.

When I got there Helena opened the door and as soon as she did she said " we're only gonna sleep hood, don't get any Ideas" I laughed then nod.

As we got to her room I went to her bed as she lay down next to me we were facing each other then I say " Helena, do you see us together someday?" Helena looked at me and say

"Yes, Calum I do see us together someday."


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