Chapter 23

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Helena's POV

Its finally graduation, I'm gonna get out of here, and finally do what I love, finally getting out of here, and going to Boston. I'm gonna study there in a great university, I gotta letter from the university that I was in, I got so exited that I called Calum and started screaming and dancing, I was so happy, cause that was the university of my dream.

"HELANA HONEY COME HERE" my mother screamed, I quickly went downstairs. "What mom?" She looked at me very suspicious "so your dad and I have like 3 gifts for you, but the first one is that you're going out to get your hair done and your going with Mali"

Then my dad came out " Helena, today's a big day,and full of surprises, now go out with your kinda sister in law."

Why this people is acting so weird.

When I got in the car with Mali, she told me to wait, she went with my mom and dad, and they were telling her something really nice because she started smiling, then she hugged them.

Jesus Christ, can someone tell me what's happening.

When Mali got in the car, she was smiling so much that I think she was gonna die. " OKAY HELENA LETS GO GET YOUR HAIR DONE"

Hours passed, and they did like 7 hairstyles, but then they decided to do something simple and natural. When they were done Mali got some food, then she got me home.

"Cmon, darling, let's get you ready" she said as we enter the house. My parents has this smile on their faces, they were doing like this code i don't know they were all acting weird.

When I got in my room I saw a beautiful blue dress,shoes, and a note that said

"Turn around beautiful"

When I turned around I saw Calum holding some flowers. I quickly gave him a hug and he hugged me back. He placed the flowers on my bed,then he slowly started kiss me. When he pulled apart he said "surprise,my love" I smiled then I kiss him again and again.

Then I heard a clapping and it was the boys with my parents and Mali.

"CALUM WE WANT TO HUG HER TOO" Michael screamed then Mali hit him in the head." Scream beside me next time and you will loose an arm, and let them be, they are goals"

Calum and I laughed then I went and gave a hug to the boys, then Mali got everyone out then before Calum got out of the room I took his hand and pull him to me then I kiss him again " I missed you" he smiled then He looked at me " I missed you too,now get on that dress that I wanna see you" he said blowing me a kiss.

Finally I was done I went downstairs to find my parents and Calum there when Calum saw me he was speechless then my dad told him "Calum close that mouth you'll catch flies" Calum turned red, then my mom got all emotional "my baby is all grown up" I gave her a hug then I said "don't cry momma, I will always be your baby" she kissed me then we all went  to my graduation.

When they called my name, Amelia's and Mays name the boys started screaming, everyone was looking at us then when everything was over or parents took lots of pictures.

Then a girl came to the boys and said " you guys are 5sos right?" The boys nodded then she ask them for a picture and of course they said yes. She came to me and told me that I was really pretty. I smiled at her.

Calum and I went to some restaurants then like 20 girls came to Calum asking for a picture and they told me that they wanted me there to so I was with them in almost all the pictures.

"So this is basically your life now?" I asked Calum, he nodded then I said"I'm so proud of you" then he kissed me.

"Let's get your things ready" he said

"Why?" He smiled then he took my hand kiss it then he said " we're going on a vacation, and we leave in a day, so let's go"

before we got in the car Calum pulled me in his arms then he said " I love you so much"


hello guys.

So the drama and problems are gonna start to come so get ready.

And bye ❤️

And bye ❤️

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