Chapter 22

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Calum POV

Its been already a month and I'm having the best time of my life . This is seriously a dream come true. I didn't know we had so many fans. Until we got to like a show, there was people there for us. I'm actually so thankful that one direction decided to join them on tour. Soon we are gonna be in our own tour, and that's just amazing.

"Caaaaluummmmmmmmmm" Ashton said trying to make a convo, I looked at gun and say"Assshhhhhhtoooonnnnnnn" he giggled. Then he said "mate I need your help" I started laughing then I said " in what possibly I can help you" Ashton took a sit next to me.

" I need your help, cause I don't know which bandana I should wear"

"Oh god Ashton are you for real, can you pick like any of them" I said looking at him, pretending to me mad.

"Are you in your period?" Ashton said looking at me." Since when mans get on period Ashton?" He laughed then he said " man period Calum, man period." I stared laughing then I yelled " MIKEY PLEASE COME SAVE ME, ASHTON IS BEING ANNOYING" Ashton started laughing then he went and sit on the floor. Trying to figure out what bandana he should wear.

Michael came in the room with 4 boxes of pizza " I LOVE YOU MICHAEL"   I said as I took the pizzas from his hands. "Oh my baby" I said eating the pizza, then Ashton looked at me and say " isn't Helena your baby?" My cheeks turned red, I didn't answer then he keep talking " OHHHH AND YOU LOVE MICHAEL, poor Helena" I rolled my eyes as I keep eating the pizza.

Thinking of Helena... I haven't talk with her in like 3days,I went to Twitter and I saw a picture of my girlfriend with a guy.


She couldn't be cheating ... That's not her...I quickly took my phone and dial Helena.She answered quickly.

"Hi Calum" Helena said in her sweet voice.Calum calm down." Hey,baby"
As soon as I said that, Ashton screamed" SEEE I KNEW SHE WAS YOUR BABY"

I looked at Ashton and yelled " DUDE SHUT UP AND GO CALL AMELIA OR SOMETHING" Ashton rolled his eyes then I went to talk with Helena again.

"Sorry babe, is just that Ashton keeps messing with me, but anyways I wanted to ask whose that guy that was with you in one of the pictures" I said trying to not sound jealous.

Helena laughed then she said " oh he's just my cousin, he came yesterday from Boston,are you jealous cal?"

I laughed nervously then she said " oh my darling you don't have to be jealous, cause I Already have my eyes on a guy."

I smiled" good, a handsome guy" I said, "yea yea, so Calum, babe I gotta go, I have to finish some homework, love you lots" she said " love you to baby, bye"

I hang up then When I turned around,the boys were staring at me, " so it's like you call her "baby" 24/7" Luke said laughing " see I told you" Ashton said, I rolled my eyes then I said " do you have a problem with that?" Michael looked at me, mad then he said " yes I'm mad cause I thought I was your baby"

"MALUM" Ashton said,laughing. I throw Ashton a pillow. Then he was like" buddy that didn't hurt not even a bit"I got up and start chasing him then when I Finally got him, Luke came and hit me with a plastic bottle.

"LUCAS" I yelled at him. Then Ashton got up the floor then he said " guys it's late we should go to sleep"

"Ok dad" Michael said, "I'm not your dad" Ashton said, then they started arguing of why Ashton is dad, and why he isn't a dad.


I went to my bedroom then I started writing a song called "beside you"


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Bye I love you guys a lot!❤️

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