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We don't have money to study in a University.
It's my dream and i'm determined
so I took an exam for a scholarship and passed.

I watched my classmates
they wore branded clothes,
new bags,
new shoes-

I wore worn out jeans,
second-hand shirts,
flat shoes-from my Aunt.

I used pen and notebooks;they used iPad
Me-books for homeworks;them-internet for projects.

they called me.

But I didn't care,
I went to school for my goals,for myself,my family and for others.

At the end of the day,
I graduated anyway.
Got a decent job,
enough to help,support, and feed my family.

'Cause when I was a kid,
I was told- poverty is not a hindrance to reach the peak of success.

And to reach success,
you need determination
and patience.

Dedicated to a person who doesn't have everything in life but ranked #2 in the board exam nationwide.
You may not know me,
But everyone in the country was inspired by your determination to learn and to help your family out of poverty.

-shanineen xx

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