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Those dark and cruel creatures

living inside my head.

They won't stop tormenting me

with sharp words screaming every


Saying how different I am,

that I must not be here in the

first place.

These monsters is the reason why

I don't face the crowd

Why I am alone

Why I am trembling

Why I am afraid.

And I want them to stop

so this agonizing pain that I am feeling

will be gone.

I'm screaming for help,

take them out in my head.


I want to be free

To be myself.

Without these monsters living in me.

So yay!! I'll be pretty busy this week so I don't know if I can update tomorrow or the day after tomorrow lol. I'm so sorry T.T
AND I am planning to publish a new book soon and I hope you'll check it out :) BTW 1K ommgg!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!! I looovee yoouu allll x) Have a great daaay!

*Ask me if you want help or anything. I'll be willing :)

-shanineen xx

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