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Help Line by Glass_Sword
Help Lineby Kayla
In which a girl calls a help line and meets a boy on the other end who's willing to do anything to save her before she hits rock bottom. ༻❁༺ "Sorry. I shouldn't be...
"Death is just a word to me." MLB Fanfic by Miraculous_Spoon
"Death is just a word to me." Miraculous_Spoon
Tw!!!: bullying, panic attacks, self harm and intrusive thoughts. Marinettes life goes downhill but who will be there to stop her from ending it all.. DISCLAIMER: THESE...
Manic by milliemadness
Manicby milliemadness
Elijah Jude has an illness. But the illness dosent control who he is. After his abusive father gets sent to prison, the voices came. The doctors say he dissociates to...
Dernière Danse [Jikook] by Masquerade16
Dernière Danse [Jikook]by GG
J'remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit. Je danse avec le vent, la pluie. [I stirred the sky, the day, the night. I dance with the wind, the rain.] -Indila ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
True Crime Collection by ErineenaTrueCrime
True Crime Collectionby Erineena
A collection of true crime cases both solved and unsolved. This is not a way of being disrespectful towards anyone involved in any of these cases in any way, they are...
Lost Wolf by skylar_hopeee
Lost Wolfby skylar_hopeee
Fourth book of Moon Godess' Series. Elpída's story. Cassian, Alpha of the Caelum, the strongest pack of the east is losing hope. He had been searching for his mate who s...
LGBTQ+: Labels and more by MichaelTheFoxyBro
LGBTQ+: Labels and moreby Not doing well
Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i...
Voices //  Namjoon x BTS by moonchild_shines
Voices // Namjoon x BTSby Map_to_seoul
In which members are oblivious to the fact that Namjoon is dying inside a little more each day. Started: 19/12/18 Ended: ? Trigger warning: self-harm self-hate mentions...
Unspoken Words by wondericles
Unspoken Wordsby sam
random poems about random things from a random girl. x (currently editing)
Pawtners in Crime | Skephalo by ckayexists
Pawtners in Crime | Skephaloby CKay
Darryl is a 20-year-old with a multi-purpose service dog, Lucy. He has dysautonomia and PTSD so severe that it's debilitating. He goes to college with a boy, Zak, who is...
I'm Okay (Min Yoongi X Reader) by phils_eyelash_05
I'm Okay (Min Yoongi X Reader)by welcome to the yoongi verse
"I'm okay." Nothing's okay. "No, you're not," You're right. Everything just hurts now...
Mind Set by TheTheaterAuthor
Mind Setby Anonymous
Thinking very different from each other. They have unlike opinions. Childish she might be and mature he truly is. He's at the top while she's still climbing the first st...
Take off your Hijab #wattys2020 by xxAyshaxxx
Take off your Hijab #wattys2020by The strange one
Almost everyone wants her to take of her "Hijab" because according to them, she looked like a member of "ISIS" and Maybe just maybe, she might take i...
Drowning ✔ by XxQueen-_-MiaxX
Drowning ✔by ˗ˏˋᴍ ɪ ᴀˊˎ˗
❝The thought of death made her plunge under.❞ ▬▬▬▬▬ Cover by: justapriincess #1 in Awareness 08/05/19 © XxQueen-_-MiaxX
All Four Of Me by Stuckystuck
All Four Of Meby Stuckystuck
Kenzie Price has spent the majority of her life being bounced between foster homes, forgotten by the world and fed up with life. Unaware that she is living with Dissocia...
↳ a guide to mental health **COMPLETED** by y2kangelz
↳ a guide to mental health ** — ♡ 𝗅𝖾𝗑𝗂𝖾 ♡
in which i will be providing you with information about mental health, daily affirmations, ways to help with your mental health, education and resources on mental illnes...
this book needs to be warned by anyone that this person is danger to anyone here and might might attempt to contact anyone in Wattpad THIS NEED TO BE STOPPED AT ONCE
Seven Ten Third by smackwrites
Seven Ten Thirdby Sara Mack
On a warm spring night in May, three lives changed forever. Lucy Anderson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cody Cunningham lost his life. And Aaron Matthews cou...
The Bad Boy [COMPLETED✔️] by krissa1110
The Bad Boy [COMPLETED✔️]by Krissa
Mason Steele... Or even better known as The Bad Boy, makes a bet with his best friend. Here are the rules: 1) You must be in a relationship with her for a year. 2) You...
Hiding The Pain by _ThisLittleGeek_
Hiding The Painby _ThisLittleGeek_
Hinata Shouyou, the hyperactive ray of sunshine of Karasuno. With his emotions put proudly on display constantly, nobody would ever guess that he could be hiding anythin...