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I know a girl,

she has long hair,rosy cheeks
has a weird yet a contagious laugh.

She's beautiful--
inside and out.

We've been friends for years together with other six crazy ladies.
She is always the 'selfie queen'
the pretty one--indeed!

Although we're not identical
not even blood related; we call ourselves as twins.
For we are, deep within.

I will miss the girl whose laugh can make others laugh as well.
I will miss the girl who put colors to our lives.
The girl, who changed me--us.
And the girl we and I will never forget.

I know a girl,

my bestfriend

our bestfriend

and now
she's gone.


It's okay though you left too soon.
you're now with our Father
you're now in our home
no more pains
no more sufferings
no more heartaches.
but eternal joy,peace,love and happiness.
We love and will love you,
forever and always.

P.S: I never expected that i'll write a poem like this, it hurts and sad but God has plans. x

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