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I was about to speak in front

when he whisper, "don't"

I look into his eyes then I stopped.

I face the crowd,

then silence from every mouth.

I thought he was gone,

when he speaks in my head saying, "I'd rather go and run."

Hands trembling, my whole body is shaking.

People are waiting.

I am dying and crying but then I saw my family and friends smiling.

Inhale. Exhale.

I can do it.

I will fight him,

I will not let him speak again,

And I will never ever let fear win.


Hello guys, so this is my first poem for 2016 :) Im sorry for this isn't well written there are just some things running on my mind rn.
AND Thank you for 8K guys! Wow. I love you all! I am so happppyyyyy!!! :D God bless everyone! xx

-shanineen xx

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