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When they keep on saying you're not good enough

who wouldn't run and hide themselves in the dark?

silently crying

slowly dying

thoughts screaming


that this world will stop playing.

When they keep on pointing out your flaws,

scratching you with sharp claws.

Words that are so deafening

stares that are so blinding

and acts that they're faking.

Then asking yourself if you could forget life,

if you could take a ride

because you're already tired

of being misjudged

and fighting against those things

that are killing you inside.


Little bit dark. Anyway, heeeellloooo guysss  what's up?

AND maybe I won't add an author's note after every poem anymore
unless I'll announce or say something. That's all x

 you can pm me whenever  you want, byeeee love youuu guyss xxxx

-shanineen xx


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