The Gang Leader's Girl by _localgoner
The Gang Leader's Girlby lovely disaster
******* "Is this what you want Angel?" Axel panted, trailing his lips up my neck to my face. I shivered when I felt his lips start sucking at a spot on my neck...
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Unholy Matrimony by xxinlove
Unholy Matrimonyby xxinlove
[HIGHEST: #1 in Billionaire] [HIGHEST: #2 in Love] [HIGHEST: #3 in Romance] [HIGHEST: #2 in Bad Boy] [HIGHEST: #1 in Arranged Marriage] [HIGHEST: #1 in Newadult] [HIGHES...
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Again by Stylinonem104
Againby WomaN
Cecilia Braddock's unbearable childhood haunts her everyday of her adult life. The brightest light she had then was him, but he left with barely a goodbye and no words a...
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Fire and Ice by katelynmwhite_
Fire and Iceby Katelyn
Stuck up, moody, and major figure skating talent, Scarlett James, finds herself falling, literally, over and for Graham Ryan - star hockey player and major sweetheart. A...
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Innocence Of A Shy Girl  by dimplesbaby04
Innocence Of A Shy Girl by _ay0.deza
THIS BOOK IS ALL WRITTEN BY ME ! NO COPYRIGHT © DO NOT TAKE STORY AS YOUR OWN . -------- You can't handle me ." I said laughing thinking of where this conversation...
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Graveyard Watchman (Book 1) by LeslieFear
Graveyard Watchman (Book 1)by Author Leslie Fear
**Former Wattpad Featured Story** He lifted his eyes to me. I was instantly captivated. He was sheer beauty in his black, hooded cloak. Was he real or just my imaginatio...
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Mr. Insecure ✓ by admissable
Mr. Insecure ✓by ◉‿◉
Avery Manning is insecure about a lot of things: his weight, his sexuality, his social ranking, and most of all, the fact that he's in love with his brother's best frien...
  • confidence
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When You Walked In by tea_bag_
When You Walked Inby (My name)
Sarcastic, clumsy 19 year old Ava Dawson moves to California to start afresh from her past only to be intertwined with cold yet warm hearted billionaire Kaison. Follow t...
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S N A P C H A T • Vkook/Taekook by otakulord232
S N A P C H A T • Vkook/Taekookby Rin > Luka
V has added you! ✔️Added!
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Sane // A Winter Soldier Story by jordan7095
Sane // A Winter Soldier Storyby jordan
What if Tony had convinced Steve to sign the accords immediately after the tunnel incident? What if Bucky had been sent to a psychiatric facility rather than Wakanda, an...
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Nerdy Girl Is Not So Nerdy [EDITING] by DanielittaKompus
Nerdy Girl Is Not So Nerdy [EDITIN...by CRAZY
"Kiss me" I casually say, "What?" she exclaims back in shock, her eyes opened wide. "Kiss me" I repeat myself, "I can't" she says...
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Falling Beginning by NNed94
Falling Beginningby NNed
"Don't expect love from me." Adam said to Nea on their first day of being husband and wife. Nea turn around to face Adam who has just become her husband, her f...
  • heartbreak
  • 2018
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First Comes Like #Wattys2018 by Umberdiary
First Comes Like #Wattys2018by Umberdiary
Valerie Blythe and Dean Pinkette aren't even friends. And at the end of the story, they still won't be. Extended summary inside! Amazing cover by @Sparkes Copyright ©...
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You Were Perfect, But I Had To Leave by parishkay
You Were Perfect, But I Had To Lea...by Kenni
16 and PREGNANT! I didn't tell him he was the dad. He was perfect and had a life that I couldn't ruin. So... I left. 7 years later, I didn't expect to see him again... E...
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Short Scary Riddles  by Horror_Lover54
Short Scary Riddles by Amethyst
Scary riddles that'll send a shivering down your spine! *Highest #5 in mystery* *Highest #8 in Horror* *Highest #10 in Short Story* *Highest #59 in Random* Most of these...
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The Lost Heiress by Couistannia
The Lost Heiressby Couistannia
She will meet her bestfriend again at an unexpected way. Couline Asthria Zalvides is the lost heiress. His childhood friend, Alexander Kriox Sy still searches her. She...
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Texting Louis Tomlinson by stardusthaz
Texting Louis Tomlinsonby stardusthaz
One text to the wrong number is all it took for Anna to begin a friendship (and maybe more *wink wink*) with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. / Highest Ranking: #1 in Fa...
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Taken by Hawk by LemonNavyBlue
Taken by Hawkby Sunny
"This is our little charade game remember?" She nodded and watched as he walked away-her heart tore a little because she knows he'll never care, it's only busi...
  • arrogant
  • egotistic
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Ruang dan Waktu by zeednyx
Ruang dan Waktuby 🍒
Menginjakan jejak di ruang dan waktu yang salah. Entah apa yang harus disalahkan, waktu atau manusianya?
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The Circle by ninaburdall
The Circleby Nina Rose
what do you do when you love someone so utterly unattainable that being involved with them at all would have you sentenced to death? keep it a secret.
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