Ice Giant

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I watch you from afar
a smile is all over your face
whilst giving light.
I am 2.9 billion kilometers away from you
yet you still shine.
Me on the other hand,

In the eyes of others,
I am invisible
though I have
27 moons
named after the characters of Shakespeare and Pope.
13 rings made of---
yet unnoticed.

And unlike you,
I am an ice giant;
Ice is all over me--
too cold
too blue and
too lonely.

Among other planets,
I rotate strangely,
I am different
Too different
to be noticed
to be wanted
and to be loved.

you are Sun
I am Uranus
You are summer
I am winter
You are heat
I am breeze
You are love
I am pain
You are joy
I am blue

Did you know
I really wish
I have a different hue?

Oh please;
tell me tell me
how to be you.

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