A letter from the innocent

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Mother,mother I want to live
I want to see you
to hug you.

But why you don't want me to?

Mother mother please stop taking pills
I'm dying, i'm dying please have some meals.

Have I done something wrong?
why do you want me to go?

People judge you because of me
and you think you're not free.
Mother mother i'm so sorry.

I feel weak and sick
and I think i can't live.

I am dying
slowly fading,
but before I'll be permanently gone
I want to say...

I love you and good bye mom.

I have a writer's block and it frustrates me so much. But recently I heard about abortion and I came up with this idea.

Thinking about it saddens me. *sigh* and sorry for the late update guys. cx

-shanineen xx

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