Unspoken Words

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This is much of an author's note XD

Okay. So I really don't know how this started I was a silent reader back then I made poems since 5th grade but it was really really simple.Then I made this account,I decided to make this book when the time I'm being emotional (lots of things happened XD) At first I really thought no one will give a chance to read this book! I still remember when this book got 100 reads and I was like "omg omg!!!" and can't stop smiling! Never expected it though and right now it has 2k reads with 300+ votes and 200+ comments and I don't know how to say thanks to every people who read,voted and commented in every chapter of this book. It feels so amazing! And I still can't believe it. Whoever and wherever you are right now reading this,Thank you so so much! I know it's not enough and will never be still, I am so grateful! God bless you dear friend (:

To my God, thank you Lord!!! I never felt so happy as this (: thank you for everything God! Without you,I won't be able to write and won't have the guts to express my thoughts.

To the people I consider as friends more like online friends, thank you for the support <3

You are all amazing and great writers as well as a friend!!!











And these two persons who inspired me to make this and another book MoreThanMeetsTheSky & TheAuthor1017 thank youuuu cx

Of course,to every people who read and even added this book to their reading list,I may not know all of you but I wanna say thanks for reading,voting and commenting (:

Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING! Even though I think most of my poems are pretty lame XD but still,you gave it a chance. I love you all cx

Full of love,

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