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Is this true?

Why am I seeing myself wearing blue?

So pale,so white and so dead.

This is just a dream and no,

there I am lying on a white box with gold lines and curves on each side.

A coffin.

I look around,and I see them.

My family,friends,schoolmates and faces Im not familiar with holding white roses for me. For my death.

They are all crying even though I know most of them are just faking it.

This is not a dream.This is really happening.

Then I remember,everytime we attend a funeral I say this to myself,"Everything about that person will change."

And from this day, I know everything will.

I just realized that I want to live more,

to see my family smiling and laughing

to go out and enjoy with my friends

to make more memories.

To live. To love.

But how? Look at me now, I am just like an air no one can see me nor can hear me.

I am just a poor little ghost staring to myself sleeping and dead.

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