How Strong She Is

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You know how strong she is?

She smiles at everyone

eventhough it's fake.

Helps someone in need

When the truth is,

she's the one in need.

Cheering up the lonely

when the fact that she don't

know how to cheer herself up.

Comforts the broken hearts

When she cries everynight

while hugging her teddy so


Makes a path to those who lost

But found herself in the middle

of nowhere in this world.

And makes everyone happy

when her life is full of tears

and misery.

And I admire her for

how strong she is, to help the

battle of others

while fighting hers.

Yeah,this is for all those people who look others before themselves.I all admire you! This proves that not all heroes wears cape!
Yay! Have a great day everyone!

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-shanineen xx

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