It Was A Memory

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We were in love, having each other

was a pure bliss.

We enjoyed the moment

we had before.

We held hands

---tight that no one could even

separate us.

We were happy

with each others presence.

We were partners, best friends

We were in love!

we had our promises

But as my face vanished in the mist

your love for me fade away as well.

And now in my comeback

There's nothing but memories,

And a wave of nostalgia swept

over me as the memories of us

coming back and forth.

To remind me that I was once yours

And you were once mine.

But here you are, full of happiness

Not with me but with someone else.

Years we had, how could you just

moved on and be glad?

I find myself picking up with

tears of the things you've thrown


Hoping, wishing and keep on


that you'll get out of my way

And will start a new life and a new day.

Because it breaks my fragile heart,

seeing you with her and not with me.

Realizing of what we had,

Was nothing but just another

simple memory.

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-shanineen xx

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