Last Words

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I'm drowning in the sea full of monstrous creatures,
they're pulling me down,down and i can't feel the air.

But before my last breath,
here are the words i wish you won't forget;
and i love you and
oh boy,i wish you knew.

I'm still alive guys XD
I'm so sorry for the very late update,i'm kinda busy right now. And i'm sorry if i can't reply all your comments and messages plus I have wifi issue so I can't really use watty for a while. Hope you understand and of course don't forget that i love you all and don't forget to smile everyday and everywhere!

P.S: I'm planning to join Wattys 2016 honestly but I'm not still that confident and thank you @Nekomancer812 for the message! I really need that but I still need your help guys what do you think? And which book? Thank you!  

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