Philosophy of Cannot Be*

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when my eyes met yours
there's this something I couldn't tell
--a connection perhaps,
Maybe,maybe not.
Who knows?

You're too deep to read
too deep that if I dive,
surely, i'll die.

Out of nowhere you said,
you like someone.
then my heart beats fast and loud
with the sound of tug tug tug

They asked you who,
I looked at you
now I'm feeling blue
I don't even know why
I just want to cry.

Maybe because when you answered,
"What's the point? We can't."

or maybe the moment you looked at me whilst saying those words
with pain and sadness
as if you're telling me that,

"Sorry,we're not just meant to be."

I was so inspired by the story of our teacher. And so in love when she said, "Philosophy of Cannot Be" so yes, got this whole idea from her.

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