Die Lüge by Cap7ainJack
Die Lügeby Fasser
Was diese Gesellschaft eigentlich ist, was sie macht, was die Menschen machen, was sie übersehen, was ich darüber denke. Kurz angeschnitten, sehr kurz.
  • deutschland
  • materialismus
  • humanismus
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All Falls Down by soupmakesmynoserun
All Falls Downby lily bo billy
i suck at writing summaries but it's basically about this high schooler who runs away from home with two strangers to try to convince this women to stop fucking up the U...
  • cvs
  • adventure
  • futuristic
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"toxic thoughts" // quotes by Jilicous
"toxic thoughts" // quotesby Depa
quotes made by me or found in books // • deep • random • sad // quotes that make you think
  • fake
  • thoughts
  • tears
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Eternal fall by Kai87267
Eternal fallby Kai. Just Kai.
Just a small story to test how doing this works. You can use/quote this story but please credit me!
  • asperger
  • depression
  • aspergers
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Good news to every one, the year of riches has come and the head Of Ebutalium society on earth has sent us to influence more people to the temple of riches, power and fa...
  • join
  • occult
  • rituals
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Gray Roses Society by spoopyskelytons
Gray Roses Societyby Wtf
Sam and John do something a bit odd every Thursday evening.
  • cemetery
  • gravestones
  • rose
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LEIA.  ( admin form ) by starwarssociety
LEIA. ( admin form )by - ̗̀ Star Wars  ̖́-
I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU GOT YOUR DELUSIONS, LASER BRAIN. the starwarssociety admin book
  • starwarssociety
  • galaxy
  • leiaorgana
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Looks by LilyFire81
Looksby LilyFire81
Sometimes you have to find things out the hard way.. Just like I did.
  • society
  • life
  • real
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Poems of Me  by typically_tacos
Poems of Me by Riley Marie
It's just a completion of whatever poems I write, they're probably not good but this is my only form of writing I can finish. I suppose that makes this awkward but what...
  • sun
  • feelings
  • depression
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Just my Opinion by user41055518
Just my Opinionby Vincent Mahama
A general mashup of my thoughts and insights. Critical thinking about society and the world.
  • just
  • thoughts
  • opinion
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Lilacs and Wallflowers by E_Ariel
Lilacs and Wallflowersby Ariel
Everyone has a mind of their own. A different look in the world. And a new thought every day. But somehow we're all the same. °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• An anthology of poems...
  • drama
  • dreamer
  • lessons
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ADMINS by chrisevansociety
❝ I'm with you till the end of the line. ❞ The book where you sign up to be admins of the community.
  • admins
  • meettheadmins
  • society
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The Hindu Trilogy - Volume I - The Lost Chakra by sramani29
The Hindu Trilogy - Volume I - Sankrith Ramani
When small Ganesha plays around with a dangerous weapon, the most powerful Asura of all time exploits this young god's playful nature to rise himself. As the mere threat...
  • society
  • epicfantasy
  • philosophical
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diary of a broken girl by holdingontosanity
diary of a broken girlby fake smiles and dry eyes
not even a bullet to the heart will hit me as hard as this world already has. so, i write. i put my pain into words. sometimes i debate using my blood as ink. maybe then...
  • sane
  • bullets
  • world
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Broken Thoughts by broken_moon25
Broken Thoughtsby Deandra
This will be a collection of poems/spoken word poetry/thoughts I write. this is a none judgemental zone so feel free to message me to talk. Some of us are broken. Some o...
  • society
  • failure
  • sad
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An unexpected arrangement by CreateSawyer
An unexpected arrangementby CreateSawyer
"Alexandrina.... Boy that is a mouthful, isn't it?" He smirked, gazing at her. She seemed unaffected by his stare as she replied, "Tell me about it, call...
  • romance
  • nobles
  • londonseason
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Society.  by athfa1
Society. by athfa1
  • حكايات
  • مجتمع
  • اليوم
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What was her fault by fascinatingone
What was her faultby Shruti
What was her fault. Is a story of a girl Saloni .... Please don't miss to hit the star icon on your screen if you like the content of the book. Your comments are desper...
  • friction
  • woman
  • lovehate
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homophobic  by laurex124
homophobic by Love laurex
I am not homophobic. I am not part of the community. I am straight, and a supporter
  • lgbt
  • society
  • sexuality
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