Cancer Fighters

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Didn't you know?

She's more than a warrior

He's stronger than a fighter.


When you supposedly in the outside playing and enjoying life,

there they are lying on the hospital bed waiting for a doctor to know their state.

When some feels in extreme pain,

there they are experiencing worse than you think.

When you don't care about time,

there they are watching every second of their lives.

And when you can't sleep at night thinking how to end your life,

you'll hear their cries begging and pleading to keep their souls alive.

Didn't you know?

They fight because of the determination to experience this life.

I dedicate this for all those cancer fighters! I am so proud! I know ya'll gonna get well soon. Just keep on fighting,praying,believing and have faith (:
Remember,God hears you and your prayers!

-shanineen xx

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