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Hello guys! As you all know this book is already completed but I want to add something and no, it's not poem more like an activity that might help to motivate you somehow because I was really motivated doing this haha. Okay! So we had a school activity last year and that is, we must write a letter to our 10 years-later-self and I saw my draft today and had a thought of sharing it to you (the letter will be at the end of the chapter c: )

Here's what I hope you'll do.

1. Write a letter to your 10 years-later-self  (how do you forsee youself in the future?, Your job, you children and your house etc.)
2. Look yourself in the mirror, and write your five best features.
3. Write five characteristics you love about yourself.
4. Get a paper, write down the following:
a) I am beautiful
b) I am loved
c) I am accepted
d) I love who I am. 
paste this on your wall or on your study table and every morning after you pray, look in the mirror and say these out loud. (with of course, your smile)

That's it! I don't expect you to do all of these, you can just choose which number you like to do. If you're asking what's the purpose of these, for me, this will help encourage and motivate oneself. Once you do this, keep all the letters and read it every end of the week or you can do it everyday!

You can also share it in the comment section ;)

And for my letter, here is it!

Dear Self,

Today, I am so happy seeing you wearing that white coat as if it is to say "I am successful". I know that you have been through a lot of storms yet look at you now, for the past years you have stayed resilient. You're now a degree holder, a doctor, and you have even your own clinic. Back then, I remember how you hated hospitals, how you cringe when the hospital smell touches your nose and how your stomach churns when you see old people sinking in their own illness. But then again, you still wanted to be a doctor and of course, you are one now.  I've heard a lot of things about you, your medical missions in rural places, how you support charities, and how you're in love treating children with cancers. Well who knows, maybe someday you'll build your own hospital too.

You're not just a great doctor, but a wonderful mother and a wife as well. I see how your eyes twinkle in the sight of your three children. How love itself is obviously glowing within you whenever you think of your husband. You became a better person, and honestly, a person who's far from who you were before. You are now more courageous, confident, fiesty yet generous and loving at the same time.

In addition, you are not just a doctor or a wife or a mother but you are a servant of God as well. I remember how you were so afraid when you are asked to share something but right now, I see how you boldy preach the word of God, sharing your testimony of how God turned your life into something else with courage and seeing you going in different places to help and share the goodness of the Lord.

And lastly, I couldn't be more proud of what you have achieved right now. I didn't know that dreams can be really grasp by both hands but I have witnessed how you grasped those dreams. And all I can say, you did it!

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