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They say, "I'll renew the system and help stop poverty."
But as I look around,
I still see a bunch of homeless people,
street childrens goofing around with
empty stomach.
families asking for something,
with old torn untidy clothes crying for food,
and homes full of despair 'cause they can't have the three meals in a day.

one drop means one glass of water,
one bread means one meal.
Little means much to them.

Promises to sustain this nation's need,
to provide,
to help
and to improve.

But they're nowhere to be found.
Running away from their responsibilities or is it because they failed to fulfill their promises and afraid to face the consequences?

I don't know who is who,
this nation has been ruled by many powerful men and women yet I see no change.

They're leading and killing this land with lies,
instead of giving life.

And it saddens me,
that my dear countrymen and women trusted and chose 'them'
but failed to lead,govern,and improve this country.

I am so sorry about this although I can't vote yet on this upcoming election and don't really know the whole thing in the deep part of politics, however I am very aware of the 'corruption' happening inside the government. And I want to let this out 'cause I have seen and heard the struggles and cries of people around me.
So all I can say,
Help others even in your own little ways and in choosing people to lead,
vote and think very wisely.
Thank you.

P.S: Sorry for the grammar mistakes.


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