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You want to end your time?


Because you've been buried alive?

Shot many times?

Burned with fire?


And they took off your wings

so you can't fly?

You want to end your time,

Because you feel hopeless?


Alone in life?

And they killed you many times?


Don't you see the sparkles of light

coming down from the sky?

They're coming,

singing sweet songs just for you.

They're coming,

to bring back your life

with such lights that is so bright.

They're coming,

to make you feel that you are loved.

And to remind you that you are

a one in a million.

They're coming,

to put colors and sparkles in your

world that is so gray.

And to give you wings so you can

fly away.

So don't end it darling,

If this world is eating you alive,

All you have to do is to look up

because hope is always there

up above.

Hey guys (: How are you doing? Wish you're all good xx

-shanineen xx

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