Father's love

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take me to mom,

I pleaded.

"I will, but not now"

you said.

please daddy please.

and finally you said yes.

you only think about yourself,i thought

but i was wrong.

you've been thinking about me,

every single day and didn't even realize it.

you've been thinking about me,

my sake.

even in those last minutes

before sanity took you.

you've been thinking about me 


and everytime I look up to the night sky,

i search for a shooting star,

and wish that you have survived

that you were here.


I was so inspired and so emotionally affected after watching Train to Busan ;( It was amazingly sadddd i was crying really hard and i'm in a moving-on stage now.  So i made this poem and yeah, i hope you like it. And of course, THANK YOU for reading this book. I love you all and always will. God bless <3



sam x

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