Be Yourself

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She's looking herself in the mirror,

asking herself with tears

"Am I ugly?"

"If I'll take off these glasses,will they
like me?"

"If I lose weight,will they stop mocking me?"

"If I'll hide these scars,will they befriend me?"

"If my complexion and nationality is the same as theirs,will I be accepted?"

"If I put make-ups,will they call me beautiful?"

Then someone came in saying:

No. You're definitely not ugly

You don't have to take off your glasses to people like you.

You don't have to lose weight to make them stop mocking you.

You don't have to hide your scars so you could have friends.

It's not about who and where you from to be accepted.

You don't have to wear too much make-ups to be called beautiful.

Don't try to change yourself

and be as someone else.

Show who you really are

And if they don't like it,


And live your life in ways you want to.


I was inspired by a friend so I wrote this one. You know who you are and

thank youuuuu so much x

How's your weekend everyone?

-shanineen xx

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