Thank You

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I kept them to myself,

Hid them for years

I only owned them.

I didn't share nor speak about them

with others.

Not until one day,I wrote them.

And let people see it.

People love and keep it with


I can't stop smiling,

Who would have thought

That those words and phrases

that were hidden for so long.

Are now known by some people?

So dear friends, thank you.

So yes everyone a big Thank You to all of you! (: You don't know how happy and grateful I am guys! Wow.
If I could just hug you one by one I would! but remember that I love you guys! I really do xx thank you for the reads,votes and comments <3 God bless you guys xx Now I'm more inspired writing poems.Again,thank you.

-shanineen xx

P.S: I can't add some dedications and pics bec I'm only using my mobile phone.Hope you understand.Thankyou (:

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