Her Story

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She has been told

that she'll be nothing

when she's old.

She was sinking

in the crowd.

And never show up

thinking that words from

society,gives her cause for


They thought she can't do


Little did they know that

she can do better.

She hid her skills and talents

for so long.

And never ever let it show

of what she's capable of.

They thought she's nothing

but truth is she's

something else.

As time passed by,

Deep in the crowd

There she is,

gathering all the bravery and

confidence she could get.

And slowly,she's rising

boldly and shining brightly.

The looks of awe from the


saying that,her true self

has already been found.

Then now,she's telling each one

of you that,

Don't let anyone look you down

Because from nobody, you can

turn into somebody

Just like how she become.

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