Where is God?

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Let me tell you,

I trusted people who I thought will save me
but no, they have abandoned me.

I pleased everyone with all my might for acceptance yet
I was rejected.

Because of my nationality, disability, lack of capablity,
I am discriminated.


So I asked, where is God now?
The God who provides
the God who saves
the God who loves
the God who created all things
Where He is now?

But I looked around
and that's where I found out.

God is the sun
God is the wind
God is the sea,
the life,
and the people who sticks by my side.

God is hope
God is love
God is courage
God is kindness.

Where is God? you asked,

Look around again,
God is surely everywhere.

Hello there everyone! It's been a loooongggg time since I have updated this book. Well, it's good to be back! How are you all doing? And btw, this piece is a spoken words though it's quite short but i do hope you liked it. And you can pm me if you want to talk but mind you, I reply late sometimes so so so late (my apologies) but yes, let's talk. Lol

I love you all and God bless!

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