vday!kozume kenma | ignored

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vday!kozume kenma | ignored
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Being ignored wasn't the best feeling, especially when someone you really loved did it. It felt as though you were thrown to the side and just there when they were bored, when they ran out of things to say to their main infatuation.

Except Kenma didn't speak to most. No, he spent all his time in video games and texting. You were his girlfriend and you often wondered why you two even begun dating.

To be honest, you don't even remember.

He was always busy or too shy to say anything which usually ended up with you walking off and ignoring him for a couple of days but Kenma didn't know that, he hardly spoke to you really.

But this was the last straw. You weren't going to have a distant relationship with someone who saw you everyday. You always tried to rekindle it but Kenma didn't know what to do or how to react.

It was Valentine's Day and you were spending the supposedly romantic day with your boyfriend except after you gave him his gift, he sat down and started playing video games whilst you read and listened to music.

This was your relationship and you were sick of it.

"Kenma," you breathed out, standing up and grabbing your bag off his desk. This sudden movement made him look up at you. "I think we should break up."

His eyes widened for a moment before he blankly stared at you. He placed his game on his bed and stood up so you were both facing each other.

"Why?" His voice was monotone like usual but you could detect the confusion and hurt in his gold eyes.

"We aren't in a relationship, we act as acquaintances." You begun, clenching you fists. "You're too addicted to your stupid games to notice anything that involves me or just me in general! I'm sick of it!"

Once you raised your voice, his head immediately ducked down. He didn't want his beautiful (y/n) angry at him and he sure didn't want her breaking up with him.

"Please." He whispered, his hand shook as he tried to grab you but you raised your arm away from him.

"I'm no longer your girlfriend." You told him, opening the door of his room. "See you at school, Kenma."

That had to be the most heart wrenching and yet relieving thing you've done recently. Sometimes being ignored constantly changed your emotions towards him, I think so.

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