kageyama tobio | maybe

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kageyama tobio | maybe
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"Just shut up!" Kageyama yelled, squeezing his hands on his ears, gritting his teeth as you glared hard at him. It was after hours at the gym and you thought everyone had left but nobody actually did, in fact the whole team was listening from outside as you and Kageyama argued, you both had been fighting for a while.

"No! You listen to me!" You shouted, pushing him back and making him stumble but he soon loomed over you, you weren't that short though. "You have no right to tell me what to do! I can talk to whoever I want!" You told him, his navy blue eyes glared into your (e/c) eyes. No, you wouldn't back down to him.

"You're my girlfriend." He gestured to himself and you clenched your fists. "I am not yours! You don't own me, no matter our relationship!" This hit Kageyama straight in the heart, was this an indirect breakup? Is that even possible?

"First you get pissed off at Tsukishima for waving at me and now because I simply talked to Hinata!" You poked his chest harshly, backing him into a wall. "Hey-"

"You listen; just cause the two of you are fighting doesn't mean I can't talk to him!" You screamed in his face, finally pushing him into the gym wall. The team outside looked at each other in concern as you both argued.

"We should stop them." Yachi quivered as Kiyoko held her shoulders and nodded. "It's beginning to get physical!" Yamaguchi said, hearing you slam a volleyball at the raven haired boy.

"Don't let Tsukishima or Hinata in there, that'll make it worse." Daichi told them, they nodded and Sugawara and the second year duo stood up. "We will stop them-"


"You bastard!" You screamed, caressing your red cheek. Tears streamed down your face as Kageyama look down at his hand in disbelief. Did he really just hit you? Kageyama had always been taught to never hit a girl but his temper took over, these hands were meant for hitting volleyballs not you.

"Stop!" Tanaka shouted, punching Kageyama in the jaw. The first year fell as Suga grabbed you and held you. "(F-f/n)-" He stammered, reaching his hand out to you and discarding his brushing jaw.

"Don't ever come near me, Kageyama." You spat, letting Suga escort you out of the gym and to the rest of the team. Yachi ran to get the first aid kit and Kiyoko held a cold drink bottle to your cheek since there wasn't any ice packs.

"Kageyama! Baka!" Nishinoya scolded his kouhai. Daichi and Asahi entered along with the other second years. "Why would you hit her? You could've damaged her angelic face!" Tanaka said, shaking the boy who was just deadpan; the setter couldn't believe what he did.

"I want her to myself, I'm so selfish." Kageyama said honestly, Daichi clicked his tongue and his scary aura appeared. "That is no excuse to hit a woman, you jealous bastard." Daichi hissed, nobody could believe Kageyama would intentionally hit someone.

Meanwhile outside, you were still crying and replaying what happened in your head. "Gomensai, it's all my fault!" Hinata shouted, you shook your head and sighed. "It's not your fault, I kinda provoked him." You said, smiling between tears.

"No, I'm also to blame." Tsukishima sighed, ruffling your hair. "He's a jealous King, I can't believe it," you broke off into sobs in Kiyoko's arms. "w-we've been friends since junior high and not once has he got angry at me like this. Never."

"It's not your fault, (f/n)-chan." Kiyoko reasoned, you nodded glumly. "You two need a break, that's all." You nodded at that.

"Maybe." You looked off to the side. "Maybe he does need a break from me, I'm distracting him from volleyball." You smiled, rubbing your red and puffy eyes.


"It's alright, I'd rather it this way." You said, hearing the others scold Kageyama inside. It probably was better this way.


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