oikawa x iwazumi | our family

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oikawa x iwazumi | our family

The daughter of Oikawa and Iwazumi was the perfect definition of trouble. She had Oikawa's looks and cheerful aura but had the tough yet gentle personality of Iwazumi. And of course, (f/n), was going to play volleyball!


"Daddy! Being the ace sounds cool and the setter sounds lame!" (F/n) said to her father, Iwazumi, poking her tongue out in disgust as her father grinned at her whilst Oikawa cried. "I wanna be an ace like daddy!" She can shouted as Iwazumi tucked her in for the night.

"You can be anything you wanna be, as long as you set your mind to it." The ace said, kissing his little girls forehead before shutting her door.

"Iwa-chan..." He heard his husband and saw that Oikawa was sulking on the floor, his eyes red and puffy. "Eh, what are you crying about?" Iwazumi asked, dragging the male to bed as he whined.

"(F/n)...she said setter was lame!" Tooru cried which made his husband roll his eyes. "Baka."


"(F/n)! You can do it!" Oikawa cheered, watching his daughter and his husband arm wrestle. (F/n) had two of her chubby hands on Iwazumi's and was pulling them down with all the strength she had, her pink tongue sticking out in concentration. "Go! Go! Go! (F/n)!"

Finally, (f/n) slammed her fathers hand down into the table and cheered with her other father in triumph. "I did it, daddy!" Oikawa scooped her in his arms and they both celebrated as Iwazumi watched with a small smile on his face as he watched the two people he loved celebrate.

"I beat you daddy! I am the strongest!" (F/n) said, mirroring Oikawa's expression; sticking her tongue out and pulling a face at him.

"You sure are, sweetie."


"Oikawa! You idiot!" Iwazumi shouted at his husband who shrieked as (f/n) cried in Hajime's arms. "You are a terrible parent, I asked you to watch her for an hour!"

"Gomen! Gomen!" Oikawa shouted, bowing his head. He had lost (f/n) in the department store whilst shopping, he had to call Iwazumi before they found her at the front with one of the managers of the store.

"Daddy, please don't yell." She held onto Iwazumi's jacket, tears still running down her face from her daddy's fighting. "I'm sorry, (f/n), but your father needs to give this one a punishment!" Iwazumi snarled as (f/n) came up with a brilliant idea and whispered it into his ear.

Oikawa was now terrified, his daughter and husband had the same scary mindset. "Guys, eh, please don't kill me?" It was more like a question from the setter.

"Tooru..." Iwazumi said in a low voice. "You have to eat broccoli for a week as per (f/n)."

"No!" Oikawa shouted, tears on the brink of his cinnamon eyes. "Please, (f/n)! Not the broccoli, you know daddy doesn't like it!" She simply giggled.

"Sorry daddy, you shouldn't have lost me." The two then walked away to prepare dinner aka broccoli for their setter. "So mean!"


That was the life of being the daughter of Iwazumi and Oikawa. It was full of laughs and smiles and lots of volleyball and a couple of hits to the back of the head for Oikawa but the family wouldn't have it any other way.

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