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Gold || Oikawa Tooru x Reader by Paper-Threads
Gold || Oikawa Tooru x Readerby Paper-Threads
(L/n) (F/n), Iwaizumi's cousin, is special. She's an amazing ace, an awesome captain, and an over all eye catcher. Of course, he can't keep his cousin a secret for long...
  • oikawa
  • oikawaxreader
  • oikawatooru
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Who you are by StupidHexing
Who you areby Hex
(Haikyuu X Trans FTM Reader) // (Y/N). First year at Karasuno High and a volleyball enthusiast. He wasn't anyone major, nor special and his friends were a bunch of uniq...
  • lgbt
  • dateko
  • aoba-johsai
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Up There (Hinata x Reader) by Purple_Potion
Up There (Hinata x Reader)by Lotan
{COMPLETE} You where on your way to glory. Well to some people you were, especially to a teen across the globe. || Hinata Shoyo x Fem! Reader || ||Short story||
  • karasuno
  • readerinsert
  • volleyball
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Haikyuu!! x Male Reader ~Flying To The Top~ by KiiroMint
Haikyuu!! x Male Reader ~Flying To...by kimSHOOKjin
Utsui (M/n) is Ushijima's little brother. He admired his brother and father so he decided to play volleyball. He was so close to his brother , but everything changed soo...
  • karasuno
  • seijoh
  • fukurodani
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*Haikyuu!!* The Mistreated Volleyball Player by JudeMathis16
*Haikyuu!!* The Mistreated Volleyb...by HonorsStudent
Ichiro was bullied by his older teammates in his middle school year because he was the smallest and newest member of the team. After his middle school year, he enrolled...
  • shoyo
  • volleyball
  • anime
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Injured (Hinata x Kageyama) by WolfyChogiwaFang
Injured (Hinata x Kageyama)by Wolfy Fang
"Hinata, are you limping?" Kageyama yelled from across the gym. Everyone paused in their tracks, surprised by the sudden outburst. Hinata fell over as he was i...
  • kageyama
  • gay
  • hinata
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The Manager's Little Brother  by Levi_Ackerman_Scout
The Manager's Little Brother by Levi
  • malereader
  • nekoma
  • kiyoko
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Karasuno's Queen of the School [Kageyama Tobio] by Fxrnxndxx
Karasuno's Queen of the School [Ka...by ella .fasm
When Karasuno's Volleyball Club began to show new-found potential, Takeda Sensei decided to make a surprising call. A tutor would be issued to the team in order to make...
  • fanfiction
  • tobioxoc
  • kageyamatobio
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A Neko among Crows by Imeriyafrance
A Neko among Crowsby E
What will happen if a certain volleyball prodigy joined the Karasuno volleyball boys club. --- Please read! It's my first Haikyuu Fanfic! Details inside! - Eliza
  • asahi
  • kenma
  • volleyball
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The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READER by itskuroosbutt
The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READ...by 黒尾 鉄朗
You fall in love with a boy, possibly more or maybe none at all. What's the outcome? WARNING: long chapters & possibly slow updates, CHAPTER WRITING CHANGES IN LATER CHA...
  • nekoma
  • bokuto
  • johzenji
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young forever , haikyuu by chizumii
young forever , haikyuuby hyojong
[ completed ] Ever wonder how is it like to be inside Haikyuu!! ? Well, you've come to the right book to read! Enjoy the little roller coaster adventure with the char...
  • haikyuu
  • nishinoyayuu
  • kurootetsurou
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The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!) by faith_cruzniegos
The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!)by egg
"I didn't get accepted in Shiratorizawa," he said sullenly, sulking in the corner of the room as a dark aura surrounded him. "How about you?" "...
  • tsukishima
  • kageyama
  • karasuno
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Volleball Princess [Haikyuu x OC] by OtakuQueen112
Volleball Princess [Haikyuu x OC]by OtakuQueen112
Akaashi Kou, sister of Akaashi Keiji, was deemed the volleyball princess, had stopped volleyball with a reason only she knows. Being Seijoh's manager is proving tough fo...
  • karasuno
  • hinatashoyou
  • kageyamatobio
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The Babysitting Project [editing] by alymxy
The Babysitting Project [editing]by A L Y ✿
It was the start of beautiful Saturday morning. Bright sunshine, clear, blue skies, what could possibly happen? I'll tell you what could happen. Your pathetic excuse of...
  • kageyama
  • karasuno
  • oikawaxreader
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corduroy dreams -kagehina by watchhinata
corduroy dreams -kagehinaby euphoria 🌸
"where do i go now that you're gone?" in which a small, light headed boy falls for someone who disappears occasionally. vaguely inspired by: happiness- rex ora...
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • slowburn
  • angst
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The Transfer (Haikyuu fanfic) by obriensbae
The Transfer (Haikyuu fanfic)by obriensbae
Sunny tranfers from Australia to Japan. She meets Hinata and soon the rest of the volleyball team. What troubles will she face with her new home?
  • hinata
  • anime
  • australia
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|| HIATUS || Tsukishima Kei • Predilection by MerriMii14344
|| HIATUS || Tsukishima Kei • Pred...by Gin
[ Disclaimer ] I OWN NOTHING BUT THE PLOT. Silence fell over the place. Tsukishima had a confused look etched on his face before pointing out something, "What's up...
  • anime
  • tsukishimakeixoc
  • manga
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"I Guess I'm Stuck With You" by alivingmystery
"I Guess I'm Stuck With You"by :)
Saichi Hachimoto starts her first year of high-school, and unknowingly runs into her middle-school best friend. Will things go out as planned? Or will she end up falling...
  • haikyuu
  • aobajosai
  • tooruoikawa
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