Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! Fanfiction || by yourtypicalgirl_12
Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! Fanfictio...by yourtypicalgirl_12
"I want to go to Karasuno, in Miyagi" From Tokyo to Miyagi. From a prestigious all-girls school to a common high school. The reason why she transferred? Volle...
  • oikawa
  • tsukishima
  • daichi
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Injured (Hinata x Kageyama) by WolfyChogiwaFang
Injured (Hinata x Kageyama)by Wolfy Fang
"Hinata, are you limping?" Kageyama yelled from across the gym. Everyone paused in their tracks, surprised by the sudden outburst. Hinata fell over as he was i...
  • tobio
  • iwaoi
  • wattys2018
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The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READER by itskuroosbutt
The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READ...by 黒尾 鉄朗
You fall in love with a boy, possibly more or maybe none at all. What's the outcome? WARNING: long chapters & possibly slow updates, CHAPTER WRITING CHANGES IN LATER CHA...
  • shiratorizawa
  • haikyuu
  • daichi
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Karasuno's Queen of the School [Kageyama Tobio] by Fxrnxndxx
Karasuno's Queen of the School [Ka...by ella .fasm
**#13 in Anime & #1 in Kageyama x OC** When Karasuno's Volleyball Club began to show new-found potential, Takeda Sensei decided to make a surprising call. A tutor would...
  • wattys2017
  • tobioxoc
  • kageyamatobio
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HAIKYUU ONE SHOTS by prince_kit
  • karasuno
  • bokutokotaro
  • kurootetsurou
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Haikyuu One shots :) by hellevatorx
Haikyuu One shots :)by sora
haikyuu one shots :)
  • kenma
  • kageyama
  • imagines
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haikyuu! lemons and oneshots; male! reader by oikgasm
haikyuu! lemons and oneshots; male...by ♡
erm yes i love haikyuu very much this is for males, obviously, or girls, if girls want to read as well, i don't mind. so yeah request?? ig there could also be one shots...
  • yaoi
  • bokuto
  • male
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Red String  l l  Kuroo Tetsurou by KarasuHime
Red String l l Kuroo Tetsurouby Lady
I wonder how the red string interwind our fate together again? ~Kuroo
  • karasuno
  • kenma
  • iwaizumi
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Teach Me How To Fly (A Koutaro Bokuto Story) by WizzyGameMaster
Teach Me How To Fly (A Koutaro Bok...by Wizzy
We'd never really talked before. In fact, I'd always made it a point to avoid him. But Fate had another plan in store. Now here we are and my life is relying on the one...
  • konoha
  • fukunaga
  • kenma
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The Queen of the Crows {Haikyuu!!} by Umbrellachild123459
The Queen of the Crows {Haikyuu!!}by Tina
Chihiro transferred to Karasuno mid semester due to unforeseen circumstances. But one thing rang true- her love for volleyball. When she finds herself unable to join the...
  • kageyama
  • volleyball
  • aobajosei
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Now I Can See You // Nishinoya X Reader by Shiri-Chan96
Now I Can See You // Nishinoya X R...by Shiri-Chan96
You're a common third year at Karasuno High. According to other students, you have nothing peculiar besides being Shimizu's best friend. The only moment people happen t...
  • fanfiction
  • tsukishima
  • nishinoyagetssmart
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Haikyuu!! One-shots (Various X Reader) by ryugazakii
Haikyuu!! One-shots (Various X Rea...by Mel // Marah
A small collection of one-shots for all the Haikyuu characters you know and love. WARNING - SLOW UPDATES, Wattpad isn't the only thing I do. © Cover By @Bry_Anime © Haik...
  • haikyuu
  • nekoma
  • hinata
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SHIRATORIZAWA  Haikyuu X Reader by Levi_is_da_wae
SHIRATORIZAWA Haikyuu X Readerby Levi_is_da_wae
Izuma goes to Shiratorizawa. Everyday is a new type of excitement with those crazy boys. Then there's a training camp. With all the teams. Trouble . Chaos. Maddnesss i...
  • tendou
  • kageyamatobio
  • shiratorizawa
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Pressed Flowers (a Haikyuu!! Fanfiction) by MyBeanieisALiar
Pressed Flowers (a Haikyuu!! Fanfi...by MyBeanieIsALiar
Sawamura Haruka was not a pleasant person to be around. She was sarcastic, insensitive, harsh and possessed a burning hatred for the general public. She was also an extr...
  • volleyball
  • karasuno
  • nekoma
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The Babysiting Project by alymxy
The Babysiting Projectby i n a c t i v e
It was the start of beautiful Saturday morning. Bright sunshine, clear, blue skies, what could possibly happen? I'll tell you what could happen. Your pathetic excuse of...
  • haikyuu
  • oikawa
  • completed
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young forever , haikyuu by chizumii
young forever , haikyuuby hyojong
[ completed ] Ever wonder how is it like to be inside Haikyuu!! ? Well, you've come to the right book to read! Enjoy the little roller coaster adventure with the char...
  • shiratorizawa
  • kurootetsurou
  • kageyamatobio
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Lucky 13 (A Haikyuu Fanfic) by snorlaxc
Lucky 13 (A Haikyuu Fanfic)by snorlaxc
The number 13 is believed to be an unlucky number. For Shiruko Kanaro's team however, the number is even better than #1. Who knew a small mistake would turn 13 back int...
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • dandere
  • hinata
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{Share of Misfortune} Haikyuu!! x Male OC by RyuShinawa
{Share of Misfortune} Haikyuu!! x...by RyuShinawa
Ryu Shinawa moves to Karasuno because of unforeseen circumstances. What happens when he meets the Karasuno volleyball team on accident? Volleyball happens~ Ryu joins the...
  • anime
  • tanaka
  • malereader
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Haikyuu Zodiac Signs!! by TheillegalContractor
Haikyuu Zodiac Signs!!by TheillegalContractor
Title says it all ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  • zodiac
  • signs
  • nekoma
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Haikyuu Is Gay by BLaDVaSS
Haikyuu Is Gayby BLADVASS
we all know it. Haikyuu is gay, let's just be gay with them. x x x Haikyuu x reader mostly 'x male'
  • fukurodani
  • karasuno
  • lemons
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