Gold || Oikawa Tooru x Reader by Paper-Threads
Gold || Oikawa Tooru x Readerby Paper-Threads
(L/n) (F/n), Iwaizumi's cousin, is special. She's an amazing ace, an awesome captain, and an over all eye catcher. Of course, he can't keep his cousin a secret for long...
  • oikawaxreader
  • karasuno
  • seijoh
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Gravity (Tsukishima Kei x OC) by once_upon_a_weeb
Gravity (Tsukishima Kei x OC)by Reign
"I thought that the gravity of the moon is 1.87m/s^2. But why is it so that I feel attracted to Tsukishima Kei?" Kuroo Aino is the female version of her broth...
  • volleyball
  • kei
  • anime
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Injured (Hinata x Kageyama) by WolfyChogiwaFang
Injured (Hinata x Kageyama)by Wolfy Fang
"Hinata, are you limping?" Kageyama yelled from across the gym. Everyone paused in their tracks, surprised by the sudden outburst. Hinata fell over as he was i...
  • injured
  • anime
  • fluff
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warriors (haikyuu x reader) by cwarex
warriors (haikyuu x reader)by clarry
warrior ˈwɒrɪə 1. (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. (m/n)(l/n) left behind the legacy of the 'warrior king'. Just who is this 'war...
  • shiratoriwaza
  • readerinsert
  • aobajohsai
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The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!) by faith_cruzniegos
The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!)by egg
"I didn't get accepted in Shiratorizawa," he said sullenly, sulking in the corner of the room as a dark aura surrounded him. "How about you?" "...
  • bokuto
  • tsukishima
  • oikawa
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🔹🏐The Courts Calling🏐🔹- A Haikyuu Fanfiction by DemonicWolfWithWings
🔹🏐The Courts Calling🏐🔹- A Haik...by DemonicWolfWithWings
Nekoma, the agile cats from hell, are known as a powerhouse school throughout their entire region and a team with a heart of gold, but what happens when they are faced w...
  • kurootetsurou
  • funny
  • kenma
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The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READER by itskuroosbutt
The Pick || HAIKYUU VARIOUS X READ...by 黒尾 鉄朗
You fall in love with a boy, possibly more or maybe none at all. What's the outcome? WARNING: long chapters & possibly slow updates, CHAPTER WRITING CHANGES IN LATER CHA...
  • daichi
  • karasuno
  • nekoma
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Strange love (Kageyama Tobio x reader) by BlankAuthor9
Strange love (Kageyama Tobio x rea...by ❣️Kylie❣️
Kageyama Tobio x reader insert (Name) is a ordinary girl, a former lion, studied in a private school named Junshikuen Academy in her junior year. A volleyball player nam...
  • love
  • tanakaryunosuke
  • fanfiction
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Haikyuu Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lemon_Girl55
Haikyuu Lemons *Requests Closed*by Lemon_Girl55
WARNING!! 18+ ONLY!!!! Read at any age but be careful! I also don't own Haikyuu!
  • oikawa
  • haikyuu
  • kuroo
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Kageyama's sister (Nishinoya Yuu - Haikyuu!! fanfiction) by bambiestories064
Kageyama's sister (Nishinoya Yuu...by bambiestories064
Kageyama Emiko, the ace of her team, goes to Shiratorizawa Academy until her brother doesn't get in. Due to a promise she made she feels obliged to go to the same school...
  • academy
  • kageyama
  • nekoma
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The Queen of the Crows {Haikyuu!!} by Umbrellachild123459
The Queen of the Crows {Haikyuu!!}by Tina
Chihiro transferred to Karasuno mid semester due to unforeseen circumstances. But one thing rang true- her love for volleyball. When she finds herself unable to join the...
  • oikawa
  • nekoma
  • aoba
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Saltysaurus || Tsukishima Kei x Reader by hinataismysmolbean
Saltysaurus || Tsukishima Kei x Re...by Haikyuu Hoe
Kinda a Youtuber AU, kinda not. "(L/N)-San, there is a very pretty 3rd year asking for you outside!" One of your classmates called over to you. "Okay I'll...
  • fanfiction
  • anime
  • wattys2018
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Now I Can See You // Nishinoya X Reader by Shiri-Chan96
Now I Can See You // Nishinoya X R...by Shiri-Chan96
You're a common third year at Karasuno High. According to other students, you have nothing peculiar besides being Shimizu's best friend. The only moment people happen t...
  • reader
  • tsukishima
  • nishinoya
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young forever , haikyuu by chizumii
young forever , haikyuuby hyojong
[ completed ] Ever wonder how is it like to be inside Haikyuu!! ? Well, you've come to the right book to read! Enjoy the little roller coaster adventure with the char...
  • hinatashoyo
  • wattys2017
  • bokutokoutarou
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Haikyuu One shots :) by hellevatorx
Haikyuu One shots :)by sora
haikyuu one shots :)
  • shiratorizawa
  • oneshot
  • haikyuu
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A Neko among Crows by Imeriyafrance
A Neko among Crowsby E
What will happen if a certain volleyball prodigy joined the Karasuno volleyball boys club. --- Please read! It's my first Haikyuu Fanfic! Details inside! - Eliza
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • lev
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Smile by Pravi29
Smileby Pravi29
Miho Keiko is a new student at Shiratorizawa academy and she the though of making friends terrifies her but perhaps being there would give her the happiest moments of he...
  • bokuto
  • iwaizumi
  • hinata
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The Alpha Ace•(A Haikyuu Fanfic) by X_Black_Magic_X
The Alpha Ace•(A Haikyuu Fanfic)by Magic~Chan
  • kuroo
  • karasuno
  • oikawa
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Curiosity Killed the Crow (Haikyuu Fanfiction) by Enisolar
Curiosity Killed the Crow (Haikyuu...by Enisolar
Male OC x Karasuno (or plus a couple others) Tohru, Akira is a soft spoken, quiet yet cold and unfriendly male who joined the Karasuno volleyball team. Despite their eff...
  • hinata
  • nishinoya
  • asahi
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Loud Mouth (Karasuno) by Itsuuuuu
Loud Mouth (Karasuno)by m e s s y
A girl who can match Tanaka's loudness, Tsukki's sarcasm , Hinata's enthusiasm and Oikawa's flirtyness . Asashi take the wheel (get it jesus take the wheel , Asahis jes...
  • karasuno
  • tsukishima
  • haikyuu
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