vday!kuroo tetsurou | secret admirer

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vday!kuroo tetsurou | secret admirer
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(this is actually based off a normal day in the life of me feat cat & Valentine's Day)

"I hate Valentine's Day." You sighed, watching all the shoujo manga couples in your class give each other gifts and other gag like items.

"That's because you're mean and no one likes you." Your best friend, Kuroo, piped up, his elbows leaning on your desk as he turned to face you.

"True," you rolled your eyes. "Why do I even sit behind you? Like, you are a fucking skyscraper."

The captain shrugged. "Grow some more than." Your eyebrows furrowed as he chuckled at you.

"It's because of that mess you call hair."

"Aww, you love me really." He cooed, his golden eyes staring into your (e/c) ones, he was waiting for you to hit him.

"Love you? Hoe, I don't even like you." You scoffed, he chuckled at this. "Walking around here with your long ass neck and bird nest bundle of shit you call hair."

"Ok, damn." He bit his lip and he placed a clutched hand to his heart. "You cut me so deeply."

And that was why you were best friends.

"How are you even the captain of the volleyball team? Can you even see what you're doing with that hair in your eyes? Do you run into piles often?!"

"Okay, you've had your fun, (f/n). Okay, leave me alone now."


"What is this?" You asked, grabbing your outside shoes from the shelves but also finding a red rose inside the shoe.

"Oh?" He wriggled his eyebrows at you until you scrunched up your face.

"What the heck? What if I didn't see it and put my foot in and came out with a whole bunch of fucking thorns coming out of my foot?!" You cursed, holding the flower close to your face and examining it.

"It's a secret admirer?" Kuroo asked in faux surprise, you shrugged and toyed with the petals.

He was having an internal conflict within himself. Like, you're an adorable piece of shit that I've fallen in love with but you're being a mega bitch right now, what the hell (f/n)?!

"You really don't do romance, do you?" Kuroo asked, sighing as his gift was thrown into your bag like it was homework.

"You should know my ass long enough to know that." You told him, walking out of the school.

"Piece of adorable shit." He muttered, walking some distance behind you as e admired your figure aka your ass.

"Can you not?" You hissed, mock glaring at him before linking arms with the male.

"You're gay."

"Kuroo Tetsurou, you play volleyball. You are automatically gay."


"For Kenma!"

Why does Kuroo even like you? You're a savage.


"For that blonde megane from Karasuno?"

"Okay bye."

He was so in love with you and you didn't even notice, to busy calling him out on his giraffe neck.

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