terushima yuuji | 'romantic' gesture

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terushima yuuji | 'romantic' gesture
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It was afternoon, both you and Terushima were walking home from school, hand in hand. Whilst having a debate, of course.

"Sure sure." You mocked, swinging your joined hands up in the air then back down and repeat. Terushima glared at you with a pout on his face.

"I can so! I totally can be romantic!" He protested, clenching his blonde undercut with his vacant hand.

"Puh-lease!" You said, giggling at him. "You don't have a romantic bone in your body!" He pouted and looked away from you childishly. Soon you arrived at your house and you kissed his cheek goodbye as he continued pouting. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Once you were gone, Terushima devised a plan. He would show how romantic he could be!


It was about 11 pm and everyone in your household was asleep, except for you! You were reading fanfics cause um...you're doing it now. Suddenly you heard a noise at your window, like something was thrown at the glass pane. You got up after three more times and opened it, not before narrowly dodging a pebble which landed on your floor.

You looked down and saw Terushima frickin Yuuji below you with a handful of pebbles from your garden. You were very surprised and he just grinned toothily at you, sticking his tongue out and showing off his piercing.

"What are you doing here?!" You whisper-shouted due to everyone else being asleep. He put the pebbles back where he got them and got on his knee and put his hands out towards you.

"My beautiful (f/n)-chan! I have come here to tell you about my undying love for you~!" You groaned as he grinned happily at you. "You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever-!"

Your pit-bull dog, Lala-chan, was out for the night and she started growling at Terushima before latching herself on his pants making him scream. You giggled as you watched him flail around  with Lala-chan biting into his pant leg.

"Lala-chan! It's me!" He shouted, waking up your parents. "(F/n)! Who's there?!" Your mother shouted and you couldn't help but giggle, your dad soon went outside and started laughing himself when he saw Terushima and helped the poor boy get out of the clutches of your dog.

"Just Yuuji!" You shouted back and you could hear your mother as she giggled at the sight. "Just showing me a romantic gesture!"

"So it worked?!" Terushima shouted from below you, your dad helping him up and laughing.

"Sure sure." You smirked, his romance being a complete and utter failure.

"C'mon, I'll take you home." Your father told him as Terushima jumped in victory. Idiot.

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