kageyama tobio | queen

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kageyama tobio | queen
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Your day had been exhausting and  you honestly couldn't wait to get home, then the bell rung; freedom! It was home time and you were about to start your trek home until you found a letter inside your bag, which read:
Please meet me at the back of the boys gym, I need to tell you something.

You blushed majorly since Kageyama Tobio was your crush since the first day you met so you were rather worried. He was always polite to you since when you first met, Kageyama wanted his milk but they ran out of his favourite since you had recently purchased it, wanting yogurt instead so you gave it to him, making the tsundere blush.

You waited outside the gym for several minutes until a bundle of auburn smashed into you causing you to fall on the ground.

"Ah! Gomen!" They shouted, helping you up when you noticed how short they were. You soon recognised him as Hinata Shoyō and you had seen him with Kageyama a couple times and heard he was on the volleyball team.

"It's alright, accidents happen." you told him and he smiled at you.

"Wah, you're the person Kageyama always talks about!" Hinata said with wide eyes making you blush red.

"Oi! Hinata, what are you doing with (f/n)-chan?!" You heard that familiar voice ask Hinata.

"I bumped into her by accident, I'll leave you two alone!" Hinata winked and bounded off into the gym and you looked over to Kageyama who had pink tinted cheeks.

"You wrote me." you started and he nodded coming closer.

"I-I, urm..." He stuttered, clenching his fists and staring intently at the ground until you rose his head up.

"C'mon, spit it out, Kageyama-kun" You said rolling your eyes at his usual 'tsundere' behaviour.

"You see...the fact is..." He stopped and took a breath and took your hands in his making you blush again. "I really like you (f/n)-chan! Please be my girlfriend?!" He shouted, embarrassed obviously.

You stood back shocked by his words before smiling warmly at the embarrassed Kageyama, "I like you too, Tobio-kun." you said using his full name and he looked at you stunned before pulling you into a sweet kiss making the Karasuno Volleyball team–who were watching from the door due to a tip-off from Hinata–coo at the both of you making Kageyama yell at them and making you laugh.

"Looks like the King got himself a Queen~" Tsukishima teased and you smiled at this, leaning closer to Kageyama and resting your forehead on his shoulder before whispering in his ear,
"Every King needs a Queen~"

next up: trash king (oikawa)
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