akaashi keiji | matrimony

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akaashi keiji | matrimony
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"Akashi!" The said male turned as his friends all gathered around him, clapping his back. "Good luck!"

Akashi couldn't help but smile as his friends congratulated him and cheered him on. Today was the day. Today was the day that you would be asked to be Akaashi (f/n). He was full of adrenaline and nerves, he couldn't wait to see the smile on your face.

Unless you said no.

No! He thought to himself, his forest green eyes staring at the midnight coloured box which held the ring of fate. That's pretty much what it was. I won't think about the negatives! He argued with himself.

But he was in for a surprise himself...


"I'm really nervous." You said to (best friend #1), a ring was in your sweaty palm, the silver gleaming as the sun hit it.

"What? That you're proposing to him?" (Best friend #2) asked, grabbing your shoulders as (best friend #1) grabbed your phone for you.

"What if he thinks it's weird?" You asked, typing a text to your boyfriend; asking for him to meet you at the park where you shared your first kiss with him.

"It's Akaashi!" (Best friend #2) shouted. "He's had to deal with Bokuto, I think you'll be fine!"

Akaashi texted back.
'Was going to ask you the same thing, 5 o'clock? -K xx'

"Keiji is so sweet." You whispered, texting a quick yes before getting ready, you're friends helping you.


It was 5pm, the both of you had reached the park and as soon as you both made eye contact, you both looked away with a blush. Weird, you've been dating for 6 years and you blush at each other for making eye contact?

"Keiji." You said in greeting, giving him your beautiful smile that made him melt but he kept his composure and sent you a warm smile back.

He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your lips lightly before leading you to a park bench where you sat down but he stood above you.

"(F/n). I've been wanting to do this for sometime." He began, kneeling before you fishing out the ring box which made you gasp. "I really love you and-"

"Keiji!" You said, in pure shock and horror. "This can't be happening!"

His eyes widened and he felt like he had gotten shot in the heart. "What?" He said, his voice lost in a whisper.

"This can't be!" You said, giggling to yourself as you put your hand in your coat pocket and grabbed the engagement ring you planned to propose to Akaashi with.

"I wanted to propose to you." His eyes widened ever more–if they possibly could–he wasn't being turned down, it was quite the opposite really.

"But, (f/n), I was going to propose to you." He was still kneeling on one knee with the ring box in his hand, opened for you whilst you had your hand flat with the silver men's ring on it, giving it to him.

"Ha!" You laughed and soon he erupted into chuckles, enveloping you in a hug as you both laughed at the romantic yet terrible timed moment.

"At least we both know that we'd say yes." He told you, his black hair tickling your face as you nodded.

You were so happy that he 1. Indirectly said yes to your proposal and 2. He was planning to propose to you anyway.

"I love you so much!" You shouted, peppering his face with kisses as he slipped the ring onto your finger and you did the same to him.

It was obviously meant to be.

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