vday!yaku morisuke | can't hide it

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vday!yaku morisuke | can't hide it
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"Yaku-san!" Lev shouted, holding a volleyball in his hands. "Practice with me!"

"No." The libero shut the first year down and zipped his bag before leaving the gym.

"Weird." Yamamoto said, scratching his head. "Yaku never leaves without giving an insult to Lev."


"You're right, he usually stays to practice with the baka too." Kuroo tells them, suddenly smirking. "What's he hiding? Heh heh."


"Morisuke!" Yaku turned and smiled as someone called him. "How was practice?!"

"Hey, babe!"


The next day was quite the same as the day before, the team knew something was up with the tiny third year.

"Maybe he's part of a gang?"




"Lev," Kenma started. "You're an idiot."

"Is it a person?" Kai asked, pondering over the libero. The boys let out a whole bunch of 'aww's' and 'ahh's'.

"That's probably it!" Yummy shouted, hand raised in the air to give high fives to his teammates.

"We gotta track him down!" Yamamoto shouted and they ran out of the gym, lugging Kenma with them.

They peeked around a wall and leapt over bushes, for a stealthy effect. They heard hushed voices and a laugh which sounded oddly like the third year they closely knew.

"Morisuke, you shouldn't have~!" They heard a voice then a nervous chuckle from the libero.

"Only for you, (f/n)-chan."

(F/n)-chan?! The thought rung through the boys minds.

"Ah ha!" Kuroo and Yamamoto shouted as they pointed fingers at the couple who blushed profusely.


"Oh! You're Morisuke's teammates? I'm (l/n) (f/n), from Karasuno." You introduced yourself and they froze once they saw that you were one of the attractive managers on the Karasuno Volleyball team.

"Urm! Yeah!" Kuroo bowed as Yaku glared at the two. The rest of the team giggled from behind the wall at the two idiots try and speak to the couple.

"We knew it!" Yamamoto shouted, clapping Yaku on the back as you laughed and held the Valentine's Day present from your tiny libero to your chest.

"All along!" Kuroo boasted as he laughed like the actually donkey he was.


"Morisuke, you can't hide it any longer," you told him, pecking his cheek. "Don't know why you did but anyways~"

Poor Yaku, he had his teammates laughing at him and you being affectionate with him which added more teasing and giggling.

(F/n), this is exactly why he hid it.

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