kuroo tetsurou | parenting 101

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kuroo tetsurou | parenting 101
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There was a knock at your door at 7 am on a Saturday morning, too early for you. Groaning, you went to your door where the persistent knocking continued. You ripped open the door, "What?!"

Your eyes widened as you saw your boyfriend–Kuroo Tetsurou– and what seemed be a toddler in his arms. Kuroo hurried inside, placing the child on your lounge before staring at it like it was an alien.

"You can't just barge in here! What's going on?! Why do you have a child?!" You yelled, following him.

You stared at the child and he looked familiar, blonde tresses and hazel eyes with black rimmed glasses slipping down his face...Tsukishima!

"I need your help! Tsukishima was at my place and had fallen asleep and when I went to wake him up, he was turned into a toddler!" Kuroo shouted, sighing and pulling at his bed head.

"Woah woah! He just turned into a toddler?!" You asked, both of you stared at the toddler who was gurgling and playing with the too-big-for-his-face spectacles. "That's not possible!"

"There's your proof! What do we do?" Kuroo asked, holding onto your hands with pleading eyes, you sighed and gave in, picking up tiny Tsukishima.

"We look after him, of course." You poked Kei's little nose and he giggled. "Hey, Kei." You cooed and he played with your (h/c) tresses.

"Soft!" He shouted.

"Naw, so kawaii!" You shrieked, a sudden flowery aura surrounded you as you twirled yourself and the toddler around.

Kuroo sweat dropped, "Urusai."

"C'mon, let's go to the park or somethin'." You said to your boyfriend before pushing tiny Kei into his arms, pecking their cheeks before going to get ready.

"Hmph, first you're taller than me now your taking my precious (f/n) attention." He looked at Kei, forgetting that the usual grumpy teenager was now a gurgling toddler.

"Ku-roo!" Kei stammered, pushing the glass on Kuroo's face seeing as they didn't fit him.

"Wear them!" Kuroo cursed under his breath and fixed the rims on his face, obviously they didn't fit him either.

"I am ready!" You shouted, standing there with a nappy bag and toys.

"Where-where did you get that?!" Kuroo stuttered, amazed at how fast his lover got ready on a Saturday morning.

"Found it, it was my little brothers!" you told him and dragged him and chibi Kei outside the house before locking up and heading towards the nearest park to your house.

"Up! Up!" Tsukishima pestered, his little chubby arms raised above him as Kuroo sighed again and but the toddler on his shoulders.

"I can't believe Tsukishima transformed into a toddler, how weird." You mumbled to yourself.

"I just went to where he was sleeping and found a toddler, his clothes even shrank with him." Kuroo said, hissing as chibi Kei yanked at his bed head.

"He's so cute this way! Not such a tsun-tsun~" an irk mark appeared on Kuroo's forehead.


"Naw, Tetsu~" you cooed, wrapping your arm around his. "Don't be jealous of a toddler." You kissed the corner of his mouth lightly making the captains cheeks light up.

"Its Tsukishima, not a toddler." He grumbled, another yank at his precious bed head.

"Aw~ what a cute child!" Nearby mothers cooed as you arrived at the park and sat on a bench.

"Is he yours?" Another mother asked and you smiled politely before shaking your head.

"We're just babysitting~" you tell them and they coo.

"You both look a little young but I just had to ask! He's so cute!" They shrieked.

When he's a teenager, he's all sorts of grumpy! the teens thought. Kuroo placed the chibi Kei in his lap as the toddler started to yank his hair really hard.

"(F/n)!" Kei called out to you and you happily took him into your arms.

"Naw, to think you were so bubbly when you were younger then when you are a big ol' mean teenager." You announced, squishing his cheeks with your fingers.

"Ugh." You slapped the cat's upper arm as you walked away with Kei, leaving Kuroo by himself to watch the both of you and he couldn't help but smile and think you'd be a wonderful parent when you are older.

"Tetsu! Kei is sleepy, lets take him to mine!" You called as the toddler started to doze off in your arms.

"I'll take him, (f/n)." Kuroo suggested, taking the boy into his bulky arms; gently swaying the boy. Your heart melted at the moment and you quickly gave Kuroo a kiss which made the captain almost drop the boy in shock.

"Let's go." You say, holding his hand as he cradled Tsukishima in his other arm as you started your trek back to your home.

By the time you got home, Tsukishima was fast asleep so you tucked him into the covers of your bed and kissed his forehead gently before shutting the door quietly and finding Kuroo dozing off on your lounge.

"Well, what an interesting day." You exclaimed, nestling inside Kuroo's warm embrace as he peppered the side of your neck with butterfly kisses.

"Yeah..." He mumbled, smelling the shampoo you had used for your (h/c) hair.

"Y'know (f/n)..." Kuroo trailed off, gazing into your eyes. "You'd be a great parent someday." He whispered, settling the both of you down on your couch for nap. His words made you blush and you smiled before petting his hair in affection, your fingers tangled with his bed head.

"Only if your my husband..." You whispered, kissing his ear as you started to drift off into a deep slumber until...

"Why am I naked and in a unknown bedroom?! Kuroo!" Trashima....

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