akaashi keiji | thank you

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akaashi keiji | thank you
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He had broken up with you. Your boyfriend, (r/b/n), had just called it off, after dating for 2 years; it was finally over. You didn't cry and you didn't scream, no. You ran to him, he was always there for you; Akaashi.

"Akaashi!" You shouted, running into his home since you were usual guest at the Akaashi residence. It didn't seem his parents were home but the door was unlocked, you ran to his room, slamming the door open to where he was, reading a book.

You tackled him into a bone crushing hug on his bed, pinning him down with your legs as you hugged him tightly whilst crying your eyes out. Akaashi had no time to react and everything just happened in a blink of an eye.

'(F/n)-san..." He pet your head as you soaked his shirt with your tears. Of course Akaashi had seen you cry but never like this. "Calm down, what's wrong?"

You got off him and sat beside him, rubbing your face with you fingers to look more presentable, but Akaashi didn't mind since you were always beautiful to the setter. Your (e/c) eyes looked into his and they looked so glassy and they shone which gave them an eerie beauty.

"He broke up with me." You said, clenching the bed sheets. Keiji stared with his eyes widening a bit, he secretly held feelings for you, his best friend, but you were always fawning over (r/b/n) that Akaashi could only watch. Now you were single he could be your knight in shining armour but Akaashi wasn't selfish like that.

"Oh, (f/n)..." He sighed, hugging you lightly as you sniffled. "It'll be okay, I promise you." He was sincere and it made you feel better, at least you had Keiji.

"Thank you, Keiji." You whispered in his ear as he slowly rocked you, hiccuping as you hugged him tighter.

"Thank you."

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